Know What is an Essay Bot?

By: Prafull Dwivedi

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Essay, an expression which involves ideas, knowledge and intention of the author regarding a particular topic is not considered a cakewalk by most of the persons. Some find it boring, some hectic and some even difficult. Therefore helping such audience in keeping pace with literary skiils and consideration with the popular needs of the masses essay bot is developed.

Essay bot is nothing but an artificial intelligence based computer software which is capable of producing essays at short intervals using Complex algorithms. It has various Complex algorithms installed which are capable of translating the knowledge database into meaningful essays as per the given topic and needs of the author.

We know that  21st century is called the age of Information Technology and so in that case this tool can play a very important role in improvising essay writing, time-saving, fast communication, better exchange of thoughts etc. Essay bot has various advantages which make it a very useful tool like-

First is compatibility–  this software is capable of running on majority of the platforms popular nowadays like Android, IOS, Windows, ETC. Thus not only it attracts a wide audience but also helps a large section of people in essay writing irrespective of the platform they are using.

Second is Plagiarism free-  most of the software owners have the view that essays produced through this software are Plagiarism free and algorithm is capable of producing variety of essays on the single topic. This has a huge advantage for the audience as not only dissimilar essays will be produced in quick successions but also most of the times their usage of computer software will remain hidden.

Third is Instant structure formation–  The existing problem with most of the authors especially for the beginners is that they have knowledge but its translation into a structure suitable enough for a good essay is not easy for the. Thus this essay bot as a software will help in creating different structures comfortably and that to a limited time frames. This will not only give variety but also uniqueness for the same topic.

Fourth is less or no money required– most of the owners of the apps provide this facility at very low or free sometimes even.While it  not only facilitates is Greater reach to  wider sections of the society but it can also play a crucial role in producing and improvising essays at a rapid pace. Now all those students cannot afford costly subscriptions will also be able to write quality essays using this essay bot software.

Fifth is difficulty of topics will be catered– some topics which are difficult to write on, this boat can help in writing quality essays on such topics to and that too with Limited frame frame bearing perfect structure and getter comprehension. This will not only attract wider sections of the society but also wider range of the subjects and topics.

Though this fact cannot be denied that this essay bot software has the ability to revolutionize the art of essay writing in the present day scenario, still many disadvantages are also prevalent which cannot be ignored in the wake of its advantages and easy to use mechanism.

First is it hampers the writing skills– since essay is an important way of understanding writing skills of a person together with his comprehension skills. But by using this bot persons original writing skills will be hampered to a larger extent and this will definitely made him addicted to such softwares most of the times.

Second is mind set– since it is an auto generating essay producing software Using Complex algorithms from the existing software knowledge base, it cannot be denied that the true mind set and emotions of the author many a times will remain hidden as a result of its usage and only wrote knowledge will be displayed at the outset.

Third is it hampers the budding authors– all those persons who want to be authors in the coming future, excessive usage of  this tool will not only kill their imagination skills but also hampers their  comprehension abilities but at the same time limit their thinking and writing skills too.

Fourth is limited knowledge base– Though every essay bot will have a huge storage of information but at the same time it will require continuous updation too thus this will make the job cumbersome for most of the authors who do not have the updated versions of the same app.

Therefore it is essential that a proper balance has to be established between software and actual writing skills so that real essence of essay writing cannot  get compromised.

By: Prafull Dwivedi

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