Key Features Of Ordering Your Custom Pet Portrait And Using It


Pets are the most loved part of the sweet little family; people will love to play with their pets, and also, what they love is to capture some amazing moments with them. Apart from all this, do you know what can be the best part of having a pet with you? You can get custom pet portraits ready for your pet that will show your bond with the animal. To understand the hidden value behind it, you need to know the fact that what is a custom pert portrait?

So a custom portrait refers to the painting of your pet that you will create on your own. You might be thinking that how will you be making a portrait of your pet when you don’t even know how to use a brush? But this is possible; you can make a pet portrait for your pet by yourself using the paint your pet kit that will magically help you create a masterpiece without any professional help.

 What does the kit do?
Using the kit is a magical way of creating you an artist and creating a masterpiece on the canvas.  The magic starts when you make an order for the kit and mail them the picture that you want as a portrait. The company sends you a package that contains a canvas with outlines of the image that you want with some paint and brushes. After getting the kit, the user just needs to follow the manual and match the number of the canvas with that in the paintbox, and as a result, they will get the painting ready by themselves.

What are the features of ordering the kit?

Many people have queries about what type of services they will get once they place an order for the kit. If you are also thinking too much before ordering the kit, go through features or services that the company offers you once you have placed an order:-

  • Free shipping across the world: their many renowned shopping applications or websites that advertise their product as they will offer you free delivery, but once you put your postal address in the details, they start asking for delivery charge. But when you shop to paint your pet kit, you get free shipping across the globe. In simple words you can stay anywhere in the world and order it from anywhere you will get delivery free of cost.
  • Refund policy: the website offers you a 30 days refund policy. In case you are feeling any issue with the order delivered, you can go through the website’s policy of claiming a refund. When you make a complaint, the company will be liable to you for refunding your money in 30 days.
  • 100% satisfaction: the quality of the work says it for itself; there are thousands of happy customers who are fully satisfied with the results of the portrait. So when you are ordering the kit, it is confirmed that you will get a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Features of getting it ready

Well, by now you have got a guarantee about the fact of how the company is focusing on providing you the best services. But are you searching the uses, features, or benefits of getting the pet portrait ready? If yes, then stay connected as you will get many more benefits ahead:-

As a memory: you have a next-level connection with your pet, it means that the bond that you two share is countless. You should get this bond framed in a custom pet portrait and that too by creating such portrait on your own. When you focus on creating a pet portrait, you will probably get a chance to create a lifetime memory of you with your pet.

To pay homage: our connection with our pet is something that words cannot describe, so when words cannot describe the bond, better is that you create a portrait. Unfortunately, it is a fact that the pets that we generally have in our home do not have a long life as of ours. So when you want to pay homage to your pet or to the pet of anyone of your known better is that you create a personalized pet portrait. Such portraits can express your feelings in the best possible way that words cannot do.

Gift option: deciding the best gift for a person can be a task to do; you don’t know that the gift that you have selected is as per the host or not. Moreover, selecting a different gift for different possible purposes or occasions is a tough task to do. But when you get a custom pet portrait ready, you can gift it on each and every occasion, no matter it is a wedding, birthday, or house warming. You can create a pet portrait on your own, and you will also get an appreciation for gifting a more personalized gift.

Decoration purposes: decorating your home is a deal that everyone wants to do; everyone has a passion for keeping their house updated by the new trends. But updating at a concise time span is not healthy for your pocket. If you focus on updating your house, you will probably waste a lot of bucks and disturb your monthly budget. But it doesn’t mean that you will stop updating your house; you can still do it by paint your pet and create a portrait from it. Imagine the wall at the back of your sofa in the living area having a royal portrait of your dog in it. How luxurious and beautiful it will look. And it can add up in having a painting like this is that you will display your love for pets. 

Conversation starter: there are certain situations when a person visits someone’s house and has nothing to talk about. To create a moment and start a conversation, you can use the pet portrait as a base; such portraits will help you create a moment to keep the moment stress free. 

Now, you are all set to create a custom pet portrait!


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