Introducing PDFBear: Optimizing Your PDFs


Since PDFs are widely optimized by millions of users globally, it is obvious how useful and flexible they are. Whether you are a student or professional, you have probably encountered these PDFs. People have most likely struggled to minimize file size with these file types, provided that they have less-modifiable nature. 

PDFs are more compact than other existing file formats; the challenge lies in modifying its content. Learning the basics is as good as getting to the expert level; introducing PDFBear, a good start for learning more about maximizing PDF usage. This free online tool has a complete set of tools to address your PDF concerns. 

The Best File Format To Convert To 

Why do we have to convert our files in PDF in the first place? PDFs have the most versatile file format and can be transmitted to different devices and software. It has fixed formatting wherein you can receive the same actual data from a sender or vice versa; this is the primary reason most professionals transform their documents from Word to PDF

Although MS Word is where you type your journals or random compositions, they do have incompatibility issues when transmitted to different users. For example, you sent your client an MS Word file, but then your client uses iOS. There will probably be formatting problems unless they are in PDF. The same file will appear to your client; here is how you convert it:

  • Visit the home page of PDFBear and proceed to the “Word to PDF” option. 
  • Locate your Word file’s folder, then upload it to the PDF converter tool by dragging it. 
  • The conversion will only take a few seconds, and then you can now copy the file’s URL or save it to your computer. This procedure also applies to other file formats. 

Modifying PDF Content Through Conversion

You are now equipped with the knowledge on how to convert your files to the best document format. We will now uncover how to convert the best format to another, given that it has less-modifiable features.  The primary purpose of converting PDFs to other formats is to make it vulnerable for editing. Transforming PDFs to their base format is possible with PDFBear! 

If you need to edit financial data in spreadsheets format, you can convert your PDF to Excel. For PowerPoint presentations, you can do the same! The same goes for JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF/A. The steps to convert PDF to different formats are like the procedure above, only with more options available:

  • Visit the home page of PDFBear and proceed to the PDF converter tool. You will have many options to choose from.
  • Locate your file’s folder, then upload it to the PDF converter tool by dragging it.  
  • After uploading, decide whether to do basic converting or convert with OCR, then click “Choose an option.”
  • The conversion will begin and will take only a few seconds. 
  • Download the file and save it to your preferred folder. You can also copy the URL for faster transactions. 

Compression of PDFs

Another advantage of PDF is that it has a more compact size than other files, making it an ideal file for online uploading and transmitting. However, there are some instances wherein these PDFs could contain large content too. Like if your PDFs have too many high-resolution images, they could also result in being oversized. Here’s how to address them:

  • Visit the PDFBear homepage and proceed to the compress PDF option. 
  • Locate your PDF’s folder, then upload it to the PDF compress toll by dragging it. 
  • Select the compressing type from the options. Weigh your needs and decide which option you need most. 
  • Click the “Choose option,” and then your compressed PDF will be ready to download. You can still copy the URL instead for other purposes. 


Aside from the previously mentioned efficient PDF tools, there are more options available in PDFBear! You can also separate pages by split PDF, combine individualized pages by merge PDF, repair damaged files by using repair PDF, and many more. PDFBear also has excellent security measures to keep your confidential files safe and sound from unwanted viewers.  Try PDF out for all your PDF needs now.


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