Interview of Withanage Iresha Mihirani Withanage (Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers)

Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers| Withanage Iresha Mihirani Withanage

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Mononomosumi is an ISO certified  Edutech Platform, that brings together technology to the education sector and providing requisite support to students, writers and school administrations. It is awarded with various accolades such as “Best Education & Technology Platform — India, 2020”, Best creative Website. Shiksha Bharti Award etc. and featured in various reputed media houses. Monomousumi has been successfully conducting international writing contests for several years since May 2018 with thousands of participants nationally and internationally.

Here we are introducing interview series of the winners of different writing contests organized by us.

Please introduce yourself in brief

I’m from Sri Lanka, and I’m 4th year undergraduate of University of Peradeniya. I write to give happiness to readers, and to express a valuable idea/ a message to the society.

What are your prominent achievements?

I participated in several quiz competitions, creative writing competitions, and have won places. I was the batch top (2017) of Diploma in English.

When did you participated in the monomousumi writing contest and what was your rank?

I participated in the International Essay Writing Competition-Monomousumi writing contest in May 2020. The third prize was my rank.

What is your weakest point and how do you overcome it?

My concentration is somewhat low. I overcome it by reading, and drawing.

Who is your idol and why?

Mrs.J.K.Rowling is my idol. I like fantasy series. She has wrote a seven-volume fantasy series, Harry potter, and those are marvellous.

Which inspires you the most why you would like to emulate them?

My inspires are good teachers, my best friends, and passing exams. I emulated them because I am obedient, and I listen to others. When I passed a particular exam, and or I won a particular competition, it provides me an energy to continue my work actively.

What keeps you motivated in your life?

My victories keep me motivated in my life. If I couldn’t achieve what I targeted, I become demotivated.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now and what is your ultimate goal?

I will be doing a career in private sector. My ultimate goal is to provide my service to the society as a good citizen with the help of the things, I learnt.

What is there in your wish list?


Any memory which you would like to share to the world?

Essays, articles, doodles, drawings, and short stories are in my wish list.

What’s one thing that make you different from your peers?

I listen to others/anyone.

What are your hobbies and how do you balance your profession/studies with your hobbies? 

Collecting stamps, reading are my hobbies. I use university library, and I borrow the books which are related to my studies. When I got some stamps, I add them to my stamps album.

What are your writing tips for your peers? Do you have any advice for aspirants of writing contests?

Before I write about something, I study about it, and understand it. Writers can learn lots of things from listening to others’ experiences.

Any memory which you would like to share to the world?

I had to write a success story on an entrepreneur. I had to study that particular person around 2 months, and got information before writing the success story.

What would you like to do your bit for the society?

I would like to give a valuable idea to the society. And I would like, if I am able to change people’s attitudes in a positive way.

Do you think participating in monomousumi contest helped you in anyway?

Yes, It helped me in many ways. It helped to improve my extracurricular activities. And also, I got lots of experiences.

Anything other you wish to share

Writing, and reading are good educational tools. People can use those tools to improve themselves.

How did you come across Monomousumi and share your experience with this platform?

I write articles, and I make crosswords which others can improve their knowledge by solving them.

Your thought on “Essay

Tips for improving essay writing skill are reading, listening to others, finding knowledge, getting advice from experts, and practicing. When we read, and find facts, and knowledge, we get more facts, and our knowledge is increased. When we listen to others, they share their experiences with us, and they teach the tips that they apply. When we get advice from experts, they correct our mistakes, and teach us to write in professional way. When we practice, our skill become sharpened.

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