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Essay are common works everywhere. Almost all parts of the world are familiar with essay with various problems that exist such as something complex, controversial, unique, interesting, and many more. Writing essays has many benefits, one of which is to hone skills in studying a topic. Essay can also be used as an expression of the painter in observing a problem. Not infrequently an essay can provide a solution to a problem that is observed so that it will greatly facilitate the process of life. Thus very necessary the best way to grading an essay. To grading an essay is not easy things. There are several things to note as follows:

Authenticity of a work

The First and one of the main things in writing an essay is the authenticity of a work. The plagiarism is a fatal error in writing essays. Writing an essay is the same as researching and observing a topic in order to formulate a problem so that it can find up-to-date and useful solutions. Then what is the point of writing an essay if only from the results of plagiarism. The plagiarism of course hurts the owner of the original work and useless.

Suitability of the title and content

The second is the suitability of the title and content with the topic being raised. It is important to adjust the title and content to the topic because it will greatly affect the results of critical observations of the problem being observed. Commonly find title and content that not match the topic. In the end the essay becomes unclear about the purpose and benefits to be achieved.

Writing format

The third is the writing format. The accuracy of the writing format so that it is interesting to read is an important thing in writing essay. The best writing format can be seen from how the author chooses the paper size, topography, layout settings, paragraph neatness, and the number of pages needed. The format of writing in the essay is as much as possible in accordance with the topic raised so that it is interesting and makes it easier for the reader to understand the topic.

Language style

The four is language style. Pay attention to the use of good and correct language is important. The aplication of words in writing will be very good if it adds innovation and attractiveness in writing. The arrangement of words and sentences that are arranged efficiently and easy to read. When using a foreign language or term try to put it in italics. As for quoting from other people’s sentences, it is necessary to include notes.

Analysis sharpness

The five is problem analysis sharpness. In this case, the ability of the author in formulating the problem and the material raised. How the author presents information about the factors that influence the problem of the topic along with the formulation of the problem and the right solution accompanied by scientific arguments.

Raising a problem topic

The six is the benefits of raising a problem topic. The author is expected to be able to explain the benefits of the topic raised. It is important to correctly formulate the benefits of a problem topic that has been critically observed so that the results of the research can be useful for the wider community.


The last is conclusion and suggestion. The ability to connect problems and goals with conclusions is one of the main values. In addition , it is important to have the ability to formulate specific policy implications . Authors are challenged to communicate the results of their observations through conclusions and suggestions. when conveying a good conclusion if it is written briefly but concisely about the results of problem solving. Suggestions are presented logically according to the results of the analysis.

Best way to grading an essay

That is best way to grading an essay. To grading a critical essay is the main capital of the assessors. Every essay written deserves value and appreciation depending on the quality of the essay itself. However, as explained in the first step, an essay that is not an original work or an plagiarism idea is useles and not deserve any value. Assessors must also be honest in grading the work of something with the existing reality. It is not justified to judge an essay not from within the essay, migh from other things such as who the author is, kinship, or personal problems.Therefore, the essay grading will not be optimal and it will seem partial and unfair.

The best way to grading an essay can produce and choose the best essays that have been written.That way, many study results from each essay become new tools and knowledge that will later be very useful in life. It is not impossible that knowledge and research results from the topic of each essay written will be useful in the future.


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