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‘Overcome your fear when in the process of achieving your goals.’

Swami Vivekananda righty quoted that, ‘Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached!’ we live in an era where people always try to be ahead of other in order to survive the heavy competition. It is believed that every person shall necessarily have a goal and purpose to fulfil in his or her life. Goal does not have any specifications or fixations, it can anything- petty or big. Future needs a sustained vision in order to achieve something of long lasting. This objective not only helps to tackle obstacles but also helps as a source of encouragement.

The process of achieving goal is often accompanied by fear of achieving it. Fear might be about anything such as fear of failure, own worth or obstacles that come in between. This fear might constantly trigger in the mind of that individual and might slow down or reduce his motivation. The causes of such fear are not specific but it can be out of societal influence, peer pressure or huge competition in the world. Yet we are clueless how to overcome fear. People back out without achieving their goal due to fear. Fear can be of anything, to illustrate, while learning a two-wheeler, the thought of falling down constantly triggers in the mind as a result not we cannot focus properly. Many such fears contribute as obstacles in the process of achieving the goal.

Fears of success tend to cluster around many issues. Being successful leads to loneliness is one of the core fears that are faced. Woman often fear that being successful and create desired life might render them unlovable. Sometimes we also feel the fear of being threatened or besieged for money by others who would be jealous of their success. Some people around you might cheer and be happy for your success but some might be steeped in jealousy and might denigrate you from moving forward. Sometimes, although we need not to be rationally feared about the situations, one or two experiences from the past might trigger on the same.

It often requires that to overcome these fears, we need to develop more of a positive or a less negative association with the things that we fear. To achieve and survive success, the primary thing to be done is to dig down and find out and release of your fears. The more you leave the task undone the more fears take control on you. Some fears are easy to release because they probably would never happen. The change should start by actual realization of the suffering. We should realise that suffering is not a necessary part of life. Common denominator for every problem in life is; we were there when it happened. The pain of realization can be healed only by forgiving oneself.

Before overcoming fear failure, analyse what success means to you. To overcome any weakness, it is not necessary to have huge changes, as rightly said, ‘a drop drop makes an ocean’; change can start in small doses. Start exposing yourself to the fear inducing things in small doses, for example- if you are afraid of heights, stat spending time observing rock climbers and assisting other climbers. Repeat such activity until you start feeling that fear is reducing. By constant observation, the mind can be tuned to positive or neutral association by reducing negative association. In the above illustration, by watching the climbers climb without falling down may reduce negative association that is fear of heights.  When you are satisfied with the small doses, start increasing the challenge. Identify your fears and also what is stopping from reaching what you want. Listen to motivational speeches and success stories of great people who overcame fear and reached their goal. Start questioning what scares you when the thought of success comes onto the mind. Explore the feelings and think how you would feel if success comes to you. Take time to talk to yourself to find what fears are limiting you. Have a positive self talk. Be honest with yourself. Visualize yourself enjoying success. Such visualisations may create positive vibrations and try to eliminate your fears.

Make small notes and stick in your room or study table or office desk such as ‘nothing can stop me from reaching my goal’, ‘I will be successful for sure’ etc.  Read those lines aloud before starting any work, as you wake up in the morning. Start making journals by writing down even petty successes you achieved such as winning a running race etc.  Also mentioned fears related to that goal and how you overcame it. Maintain it regularly as it gives you a sense of satisfaction. Start noting down the strengths you have. Keep reminding yourself that you are talented enough and let not thoughts ‘I cannot or not my cup of tea’ enter into your mind. Also take help of loved once to cross check the list and add if there are anything left so that you can add up. Rewarding yourself develops encouragement. Start celebrating your achievements. Acknowledge your achievements. This gives you a confidence that you have nothing to fear. Make a list of priorities. Sort out the important things in your life. It assures you that you need not sacrifice any important things in life. Approaching a counsellor or human resources representative is always a suggested way. Professional therapists provide suitable techniques and suggestions to overcome fear. Break down your work into small parts do not think your responsibilities and duties as a large tasks, consider them into small chunks. By breaking things down you’ll achieve success day by day without realizing it.

Goals are a motivation to reach greater heights in life. This process may involve many obstacles including fear of success. But travelling past the doors of fear, success awaits there. Adopting techniques to overcome fear and implementing those speeds up the process of goal. Success always comes to them who aspire it with heart and soul with full potential.


Author: Mahima Law


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