How to Redo Your Wardrobe on a Budget


We generally think we have to spend lots of money or buy cheap clothes to enhance our wardrobe or keep updating our look. There are easy ways to refresh your look using things you might already have and add some new pieces into your wardrobe. With only a few small adjustments, a bit of creativity and an open mind will take your wardrobe from drab to dapper. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you must watch every penny. If you are trying to turn your closet volume down or need a redesigned trigger to your wardrobe, these tips will help you to refurbish your wardrobe in no time and your budget.

Shop Your Closet

Many of us can relate to discovering skirts and tops that we thought we ‘d lost or rid ourselves of decades ago in the back of our wardrobe. Take stock of what you’ve been hiding in your closets. You might be amazed to find exactly what you’re looking for and find other long-forgotten items in the step.

 Always Look For Deals

Never pay the full price! You just pay the full retail price if you know exactly that it is not going to be offered anytime soon at a discounted value and you feel comfortable with the cost. Shop at the End of Season sale. One of the best times and gets the most value for your buck is to buy at the end of the season. Keep in mind that online retailers and retail stores keep this deal only a few days” ahead of the weather, “so you might always pick up a cheap sweater, Clothes, and accessories for your wardrobe. Also, you can get many coupons and online deals every day on shopping from various websites like Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

Set a Budget Goal

Set a budget goal on how many things you want to get rid of and how many items you want to add to what budget. Usually, choose to shop seasonally versus weekly because it will keep you from collecting too much unnecessary stuff. Also, ask two questions to your mind and heart 1)Do I really need to shop? 2)How much do I have to spend on clothes?

Say you have set your budget at Rs.5,000. You’ve found some decent stores and online stores like Ajio; you ‘re going to get average prices for different items as follows:

Shirts – ₹1,000, t-shirts – ₹800, jeans – ₹2,000, pants – ₹500, blazers – ₹5,000

As such, you should plan your shopping:

Month 1: Buy 4 T-shirts, 2 tops.

Month 2: Buy 1 pair of jeans and a pair of pants.

Month 3: Buy 2 more shirts, save the rest of them for the next month.

Month 4: Buy 1 Blazer

That’s how you can set your budget target and save more money to upgrade your wardrobe.

 Sell Your Clothes For Some Extra Cash

It would help if you also had cleaned out closets and tried to get some clothes off at a second-hand store. The digital world has gifted us, hipsters, with apps like Depop, Mercari, and Poshmark that resell our little-loved items like clothes, shoes and many more to other fashionistas. Such apps let you set your price and make shipping processes simpler so that it is a breeze for beginners and veterans. You would be able to sell your clothes and maybe even find some other clothes that might fit for you right now, but cheaper in specific online stores.

Create a capsule wardrobe

Mix and match in order to create new outfit combinations. If you always tend to wear the very same outfits, try to mix these few easy pieces and match them with a stylish look. Try creating a capsule of pieces you own that all work together, and you’ll feel like you’ve got a whole new super stylish wardrobe without spending any money. For example, black trousers, a black sheath dress, a beautiful jacket with feminine details, a multicolored cocktail dress, and a great suited jacket. You can easily mix and match a few main pieces to create a wide range of different outfits.

Recreate Your Jewelry

Check out the recreated jewelry collection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from a wide range of jewelry stores. Take your long necklaces, for instance, and double them up. Then tie a pretty ribbon to the ends, creating a newer, more chunky version of your old necklace. This is instantly going to jazz up your outfit. Or just go to any other online store to buy new jewelry with appropriate outfits and accessories at a discounted price.

Find The Jewels Of Vintage And Thrift Stores

It takes a lot of patience, time, and a good eye, but vintage shopping can be rewarding. You may find high-quality apparel and luxury products for a fraction of the price of purchasing something brand new. You can find fantastic leather goods in places that have been there since the ’80s while shopping for traditional wear. Western brands such as A Bathing Ape, Supreme, and Adidas are huge in Asian countries. Because of their prevalence, you ‘re likely to find genuine items from these brands at low prices in Indian Thrift stores.

Download These Shopping Apps To Search For Good Deals

Ajio has an online Fashion & Lifestyle application in India. Buy your clothes, Footwear & Accessories at the best price. Get up to 50-90 percent off on all the latest fashion trends at Ajio big, bold sales. New Ajio users enjoy an additional 30-33 percent discount on their first purchase.

Amazon Online Shopping Site where you can get a great range from the Clothes & Accessories Store with 60 to 80 percent off. They also have a wide range of handbags, Shoes, Footwear, and over 800 other products for your wardrobe at your budget.

There are also many online shopping sites, such as Myntra, Shopclues, Flipkart, which have a range of offers on selected brands regularly. Good for clothing, but even things like bedsheets and luggage. Downer is the only thing that can take weeks to get there.

Each one of these tips fits every budget, no matter how small or big you are. Redoing the closet is as enjoyable a task as it gets, so take your time and invest in your style this season for a completely new-feeling refurbished wardrobe. Learn how to create amazing outfits with affordable clothing before you even consider high-priced items. Once you’re able to spend a lot of money, you’ll already have a killer wardrobe at your side. By shopping smartly, you’ll soon find that the cost of restoring your wardrobe is much less than you expected. Waiting For What, now go and upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.


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