India’s Only Night Food Street “Sarafa Bazaar”-Indore


Indore is the Commercial Capital of Central India (Madhya Pradesh) and known as Mini Mumbai;which is famous for its rich food culture and cosmopolitan nature; it can also be called the Food Capital. Anyone who has gone to Indore will surely agree that Indore is a street food capital of India; Indore is the city that takes fried in its food. This is the only city anyone can think of, that they have a completely famous street called “Sarafa”,it is the most celebrated historical site in Indore. Indore is considered as synonymous with ‘known food’ and Indore’s obsession with food is long and legendary, mostly with street food, which is the most preferred subject in food.

Sarafa bazaar is a happy place for such Foodies. The best part of SarafaBazaar is that, it comes to life at night. Yes, you heard it right!This serves the most delicious vegetarian snacks, chaats and sweets from 8pm to 2am when the jewellery market closes, completely pedestrians’ converts to one of.SarafaBazaar is the only place in India that remains as a jewellery market during the daytime and transforms into a dinning paradise every night. It is the most preferred tourists’ destination for travellers as well as foodies in Indore. Despite the fact that it opens at night, it attracts huge crowd every single night. People of Indore and tourists come here in equal numbers at night.

Indore is not just famous for ‘Sarafa Bazaar’ but Indore is famous for its street food markets like ChappanDukan, Cantonment, and Sikh Mohalla. In true sense, the whole of Indore and its street lanes and by-lanes are filled with food joints, food corners and food vendors. They each have some or the other food legends and fan following. Needless to say that it is completely safe to go there and the experience is something that we would recommend taking at least once in our lives. Street food in Indore has its roots in cuisines of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. These three combined to serve to give you a delicious meal that will keep you smiling throughout the day!

History and Beliefs

The streets behind Rajwada in Indore are crowded at the jewellery market during the day time and hence its name “SarafaBazaar”, which started in the early 19th century, however, no one knows about the origins of the dinner market. Not too sure. Some believe it started some 100 years ago and was encouraged by jewellery shop owners to keep their shops safe even after midnight. Keeping this in mind, he voluntarily started offering food vendors the space in front of his shop and thus the night food market came into existence, to ensure that the roads were empty only for a few hours in the morning.

Sarafa’s Menu Board

Converting begins at Sarafa Baazar around 8 pm and thus there are innumerable foods, fragrances and certain movements among the joys of everyday festivities. The food menu here is full of variety, you name it and of course, you are about to get it. Many among them are only found in this market namely Bhutte ki kyes, Khopra Patti, Batla Kachori, Garadu (yam root), Chaat, Falhari (Sabudana Khichdi), Kingsize Jalebi affectionately known as Jaleba, Basundi, Milk-based Shikanji, Aloo Patties etc. are some other ionic status. Khichdi, Dahi Vada, Kulfi, Malpua, barf ka Gola (snowball) etc. Other regular Paani Puri, Falovoured Paani Puri (more than 10 flavours), Aloo Tikki, Joshi’s Dahi Bada, Samosa, Gola, Kachori, various types of sweets like Malpua, Moong Dal Halwa, Rabri, Kulfi, Saffron Doodh and Gulab Jamun.

Here are the few items from Sarafa Bazaar, many more to come but, don’t miss Nagori’s Shikanji, Rajhans’s Daal Bafla, before closing the night’s chant with Anna Ka Paan.

If you love food, this place has a lot to offer and is a must-visit. If you go to this place, I have to tell you that you will never forget it. You will find amazing mouth-watering items which are a sign of being new in Madhya Pradesh. Sarafa Bazaar is a street filled with a constant array of small shops that serve a wide variety of cuisines. Street houses with over 30 food joints sell famous street food.

Author: Apoorva Verma


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