I Have the World Inside

By: Samriti Chauhan

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Fool I was to chase what’s outside,

Too timid to understand my gaze is not that wide.

All that I have within shall hide

unless something is there for me to confide.


No one but I was there to keep me confined;

I could not even decipher what I should try to find.

The void inside was there to remind

That there’s allot to be defined.


Hard it was to understand even if something inside tried to guide,

I was so choked with the outer fabricated lies to glide

More towards what propelled me to stay more tied

Unless I realised that inner strength has everything to provide.


The sequestered joy was seen when I paid significance to what is in my mind.

Now I know I am embodied with light to every dark intertwined;

However, Hard it was to find

That seeking answers inside is way more kind.


I am not perplexed anymore as I know the norm to abide

That introspection is all that I had to decide.

And now I am no longer deprived

Of any solution with the realisation that I have the world inside.

By: Samriti Chauhan

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  1. This piece of writing is certainly something that I can totally relate with. It is simple yet very appreciative and definitely urges one for self contemplation.

  2. “And now I am no longer deprived of any solution with the realisation that I have the world inside”…
    Beautifully written ❤ way to go!


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