How to Write Marketing Essay?

By: Lebogang Polite Nthabaye

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Marketing essay is an essay used to find out the needs and wants of customers or consumers and being able to meet or to fulfill them. A marketing essay should contain Panning, analyzing, control and implementation. Planning refers to how an organization wishes to uses advertising in order to reach the target market.

Analyzing refers to examining the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in order grow the business. Control refers to the put your plans into place. So when writing your market essay you should be able to convenience the reader or to pursued the reader to want to buy what you are marketing.

How to write a graphic essay

Graphic essay is an essay which uses both text and pictures in order to represent or to talk about a certain topic, this essay is mostly used for medical purposes in order to emphasis about the danger or importance of something. This essay can be in a form of magazines, websites and others.

How to write a technical essay

This is a formal essay which explains its content in a scientific or technical way, technical way meaning something which involves applied or industrial sciences. Technical essay include clarity, conciseness, accessible document design, audience recognition and accuracy. Clarity means quality of transparency, in whatever you involve in your essay and everything should be clear enough to the reader.

Conciseness means communicating information about a topic in a few words. Accessible document design this means that the essay should be easily read by people with different type of vision, people with low vision included too. Audience recognition this means involving readers in your essay and lastly accuracy means the degree of being true either in measurements, any other thing is supposed to be accurate. This essay must always be accurate since it is an essay that is factual.

How to write an opinion essay

This is a type of essay which involves ones opinions. The author is supposed to state his feelings or her opinions throughout the essay. The author’s opinions may be about his views, feelings, experience or about his arguments. This type of essay allows the writer to state how he fully feels or I can say it allows the author to express him or herself.

How to write an informal essay

This type of essay is written for own personal use, it has no structure it involves the authors ideas and opinions. This essay has no structure or layout which is needed or which has to be followed by the author or writer of an informal essay.

How to write an interpretive essay

An interpretive essay is an essay in which the author explains what he or she has read. An interpretive essay is done to interpret books, poems or any writing. It normally focuses on the main points just like the summary an interpretive essay can be written in different languages. Just like any other essay an interpretive essay has to have the Introduction; this is where the writer introduces his or her essay topic. It has to have the body and lastly the conclusion in which the writer summaries his or her topic. Covering the what, where and how questions which has been raised in the essay.

How to write a photography essay

Photography essay is a type of essay which uses photos in order to explain an essay. This essay consists of text too but mainly it consists of photos. The photos in this essay are placed in a certain way so that the message can be clearly sent to the reader. This type of essay has referencing if the photos or pictures used where collected from other sources. Also if the pictures or photos used are not communicating enough the writer has to include text and quotes can also be used in this type of essay.

How to write a character essay

Character essay is a type of essay that states relationships, behavior or how a character appears. This type of essay is mostly used to show the reader how a certain character appears in a certain play or story. The author must choose a certain character to focus on. Also the writer should write interesting things he has learnt about the character.

There are so many different and unique essay and this essays have different structures or layout which can be used to write or present them.

By: Lebogang Polite Nthabaye

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