How To Write Creative Writing Essays

By: Sarah Mushtaque

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Writing allows us to pour our feelings, our memorable experiences, and our convictions into a single piece of paper. To accomplish this very feat, one needs to possess the valuable dexterity of writing, which as easy as it may sound, is difficult to achieve.

Every writer has at some point in time, commenced his or her career with creative writing, which in the beginning is onerous, for creative writing entails the free flow of thought, which isn’t very easy to have. Free flow of thought is in those who write often and have mastered the skill of creative writing. 

So, how do we write a creative writing essay such that whoever reads it will marvel at its description, just like one is fascinated by the picturesque sceneries of mountains and forests. 

To begin our first step, we must start by researching a specific topic or simply gathering as much information as we can about various topics. Before touching the paper, it is of the utmost importance to know our topic very well, for only then will we be able to encourage the free flow of thought to come.

Research can be accomplished in various ways, ranging from surfing the internet to reading magazines and encyclopedias. In many cases, people come of help as well and we can ask our relatives, companions, or family members to share a part of their knowledge with us, allowing us to collect more information. The more details we gather, the better the quality of the essay will be! 

When gathering information through the internet, we often encounter peculiar words that we might not be familiar with. This will be a golden chance for us to implement those words in our essay, making our essay sound more acceptable and spectacular.

We can also create a word bank filled with lavish vocabulary which we might use in our writing. But, at the same time, we do have to remember that creative writing essays are judged by their style, sequence, and how well the writer narrates his or her idea, not how many extraordinary lexicons are used in the text. 

After we have completed the aforementioned step, we move on to organizing our ideas, either through brainstorming (mindmap) or through a graphic organizer. The latter might be more effective as it deals with the many aspects required in creative writing essays.

A graphic organizer is a tool that will be of the utmost help when writing as it is separated into various categories. Most graphic organizers have 5 columns indicating the 5 senses; taste, touch, smell, hear, and seeing is very much required when describing experiences, trips or sceneries we love. But not all topics accord with this graphic organizer, for some, like political convictions, are solely based upon the information. 

Following this procedure, is another step which too, is of prime importance. This step involves planning the basic structure of the essay, which will make it easier for us to write the essay. This simply means that on another piece of paper, we plan the specific information we will write in the specific portion of the essay.

The information we will write in the introduction, the body, and the conclusion are all written down and act as an aid when we finally begin writing the text. This is very beneficial, for when we have a plethora of information we want to input, we do not know which information to give and which one to discard. This step helps us in understanding just that. 

After completing this step, we begin with the final procedure, that is, writing the essay. A creative writing essay is not perfect at its first go, so one needs to practice many times, to master the art of writing. When writing, we should focus on many things. The style; the way we describe our experiences and share our perspectives, we should be mindful that it should not be offensive. Another thing we should be aware of is the mere notion that our essay should be in sequence.

If we start with the introduction and lose track midway, it might confuse the reader and not produce a fruitful result. Vocabulary is very paramount and should be heavily considered when writing an essay. Studies have authenticated that essays written with a high vocabulary tend to garner more attention than essays that have used simple vocabulary. Yet, we should be mindful that we are not too focused on vocabulary, or else the other aspects of our essay might be easily forgotten. 

If you think this is the end of writing a creative essay, it, unfortunately, is not. After every essay, proofreading is a must. Proofreading is the act of going through the essay multiple times to check whether there are any mistakes. This might require the eyes of an expert, who will check each detail in the essay. This is to make sure the essay is in the proper structure, has a riveting writing style, and will garner much attention from its readers. 

Essay writing has become a pivotal part of every step of life, whether one is a student or a business worker, it is needed in every step of the journey. But, mastering the art of writing cannot be accomplished in only one day and requires much diligence, patience, perseverance, and lastly practice. Following some easy advice and tips, will allow us to express our convictions through writing easily. And, who knows, there will come a time, when we will be so skilled at it, that we would not need any planning to write an essay, but just a mere piece of paper and a pen. 

By: Sarah Mushtaque

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