How to write an interpretive Essay Fast?

By: Supriya K S

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Writing is a form of art that helps to express different kinds of feelings such as happiness, joy, sorrow, bliss, anger, frustration,sadness, excitement,satisfaction, dullness etc. Writing poems, prose, short stories, sonnets, essays, plays, scripts, dialogues fall under different categories of the art of writing. All these forms are very different from one another and do not copy the same format.

Each of these forms has its own uniqueness and unique form of representation and tries to emote different kinds of feelings. Essay writing, being a form of writing includes different kinds of writing be it interpretive writing, argumentative essay, descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays, persuasive essays etc. These essays can be written in any language and there is no restriction on this.

An interpretative essay is a kind of essay writing that points out, assesses, and dissects the techniques employed by an author in a certain piece of writing. An interpretive essay can contain a poem, a play, book, play etc. The main purpose of an interpretive essay is to highlight and analyze the work of another piece of writing. Before writing an interpretive essay, thorough analysis has to be done first on the topic chosen as to “How, Why and What happened?”. This type of essay is very common in the fields of art, humanities, literature etc. Placing and putting all the elements of an interpretive essay is very essential and things should not randomly be placed and made complicated.

The main intention behind writing interpretive essays is to choose a particular part of any literary work and build upon it be it a scene, character, any particular dialogue, activity, line etc. These parts can be individually broken down and further analyzed separately. The best strategy to study these sections of the literary work is to employ literary devices to clarify meanings, make comparisons and contrasts between each section and other sections of the work, or by the application of a literary theory to each section.

There should be a logic behind each of the analyses made. After all the data is kept ready, a balanced essay can be written which includes various sections like a brief and solid introduction, body which contains informative content of about 2-3 paragraphs and a decisive conclusion. The main elements and instances of any literary work have to be quoted and stated in these essays in these 3 different sections appropriately in order to convey the exact meaning of the work. The paraphrases and quotations included in the writeup act as an evidence to support the writer’s point of view and defend his/her work. This highlights their thinking perspective and their way of interpreting different things.

References must be included from other literary works in order to avoid copyright issues and other unethical charges. Creativity and novel work plays a very important role in writing interpretive essays since this art varies from person to person. Some key symbols, properties or unique findings can be observed and highlighted in the essay. These essays must be written in such a way thinking that the readers have already read about it and are aware of the literary work and thereby try to prove their way of interpretation. Examples can also be included as a part of these essays which try to speak in defense of the event, action or incident stated.

An interpretive essay can be written by following these steps namely: (1) providing a suitable insightful thesis statement   (2) Striking a balance in the content delivered  (3) Credibility  (4) Perfect Flow. A well crafted thesis draws the attention of every reader and provides an insight into the purpose of writing these essays. This also helps them to understand what they can expect from the essay. This should be brief and deliver the viewpoints of the writer successfully and should not extend for more than 7 lines. This should try to summarize the entire viewpoint of the work and also the writer’s interests. Striking a balance tries to highlight the equal importance to be given for writing all the paragraphs namely introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction should be written so strongly that the reader should get an overview of the entire essay and get enthusiastic to read the further paragraphs. The body part should contain the entire information in a concise manner which is interesting to read and should be kept short without exceeding pages. Finally a proper, affirmative conclusion should be given which is true and not biased. It should contain a solid take home message. Credibility is important to defend our own thoughts and opinions.

Solid examples and real life incidents should be stated to provide good proof of concept. Parts from other literary works can be stated but credits and acknowledgements should be given for the same. Copying others content without giving credits and citations is unethical and fraudulent which must be avoided. Providing citations and reference at the end if copied from other sites is a must to avoid copyright issues. In order to attract the readers, a good flow of thoughts and information is necessary. The essay should just not contain only contents without any interesting features. It must include good transition sentences. 

The main purpose of an interpretive essay is to provide an analysis of another literary work or other piece of work. This does not mean to literally copy the other work and change words. Rather it involves the creativity and novel thinking of the writer to interpret such an essay in a more fascinating and convincing way in order to attract more readers towards reading the same be it young children or adults. It should be easily assimilated by all. Overall it should be a treat to all the readers to look at a literary piece of work in a different and innovative perspective. 

By: Supriya K S

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