How to write an essay fast

By: Yeddu Blessie

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Essay writing is not something in which we will be perfect in 1-2 days. It requires practice and hardwork. Read short stories, novels and few essays and write difficult words with meanings and try to use that words while writing essay. Essay should not look like a small kid has written it with simple words, you can use words like spendthrift instead of spend too much money irresponsibly. Learn synonyms to use different words to convey same meaning.  While writing fast, be careful not to use c for see, r for are or other chat language. Do not just write essay for the sake of it or for timepass but write it in  a way that reader gets to know something new. Pray before writing essay as God helps us and we could finish soon. 

Choose a Topic

If you want to write an essay fastly, main step is to choose a topic which we are familiar with. Select topics which are simple like things I have learnt in lockdown, importance of extracurricular activities, online education, time management, money, depression, leadership, honesty is the best policy, favorite freedom fighter, knowledge is power, fashion, Indian culture, superstitions, grades are better than marks, health, etc. Be sure about chosen topic, do not change it as it leads to waste of time. If topic is given, try to understand it, do not read between lines. Even if you do not understand topic after reading, search the difficult words in Google and take some time and understand topic. Even if you want to master the skill of writing essay quickly, it’s better to start slowly as a beginner. So, do not be tensed while writing essay. Start early, mostly on the date when topic is given. Do not wait for last minute, if we do we will make many grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Place plays an important role in speed of essay. Select a place which is quiet like a room, library, park, terrace, coffee shops, beaches, etc. In quiet places we can concentrate more and write essay fastly. We can also choose night to write essay as many people sleep in night so it will be so calm and we could focus on writing. Create an outline i.e, introduction, few number of body paragraphs and conclusion. Sit straight and keep pillow on back and elbow on table to avoid neck and back pain. Imagine talking to a close friend about the topic so that you could write quickly. Include thoughts and few examples whenever needed.

Choose Right Resource

It is good to use laptop for writing essays and using phone for writing points. If both points and essays are written in phone or essay, time is wasted in switching from tabs. Turn off notifications in phone by keeping phone in airplane mode or in do not disturb mode because phone could easily distract us. Researching is important for writing many topics and it is better to have 4G or 5G internet to get fast results. Make a schedule like 30 minutes or 1 hour per day according to your convenience. Take breaks in between so that our brain can be refreshed. After researching, write points. Explain the points in paragraphs. If word limit is given, take break after writing a certain number of words. After each paragraph read it and correct grammatical and spelling mistakes as it is difficult to do for whole essay at last. Do not say that you are trying to write essay quickly to people as they could use words to bring you down. But if they come to know and say to you that you cannot do it, do not believe it and try harder. 

How to Write an Essay?

If essay can be written by hand or typed, chose to write in which you are fast. While writing with hand, write roughly once, correct it and then write in A4 sheet and use light weighted pen to write fastly. But mostly type as you can correct mistakes  and change sentences so writing can be fast, sometime word itself corrects spellings. If you are writing by hand, remember to be careful and it there are many strokes due to mistake it would look dirty and we waste time by writing again. Avoid multitasking as we could lose interest in writing essay. Write new idea when you get it, if we procrastinate it, there will be a chance that we could forget it and waste time by thinking it. If you are a girl, plait hair or put clips to avoid disturbance from hair and wear comfortable dress for more productivity. Drink water for good concentration. 

Final Words

If you have a big to do list, keep writing essay at end as we keep on remembering other tasks and feel tensed. Avoid writing on bed as it makes us sleepy and slow. Follow above steps to increase speed of writing essay. Increasing speed in doing any work is important as time is very precious. 

By: Yeddu Blessie

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