How to Prepare Your Items for Storage?


Packing for relocation can be challenging for many people, especially when preparing items before packing them in boxes for storage. Whether you want to store your belongings in storage for a few days or months, you need to ensure that they are placed safely within your unit.

So, you need to pack them well for protection from being shuffled around. More the time for which you need to store your stuff, the more you need to protect it. Let us check some tips to prepare your items for a safe and secure storage.

Declutter and clean

Nobody wants to pack and pay for storing junk. If you have many items in your house that you never use, you should get rid of them. You can sell them, offer them to friends or donate them to charity. If the items are completely useless, you can throw them. Also, try to clean all the items before packing, so that you don’t need to clean when you unpack them. Don’t spend much time on cleaning, but clean them while packing the items in the boxes.

Use good quality packing materials.

Always use high-quality packing materials for your belongings. Use thick and strong cardboard boxes or wooden boxes for packing large items. If your packing boxes are strong, they allow easy packing and stacking. Use moving blankets to protect fragile items like glass and ceramics items. You can also use bubble wraps to pack the fragile items to protect them from impacts while handling.

Use plastic sheets

If you want to protect your items from moisture, you can put a plastic sheet on the inner walls of boxes. Another way to use it is to wrap the items in plastic sheets before packing them in the boxes. It keeps the moisture away from the items packed inside the boxes. Even if the moisture enters the box, your items will be protected.

Consider storage restrictions

Once you select the company for storage of your stuff, you should ask them what is permissible for storage and what is not. If they have a list of non-permissible items, read it carefully, and plan your packing accordingly. Don’t pack the items that are not allowed for storage in their facility. Some examples of restricted materials are gasoline, paint, fertilizers, chemicals, narcotics, and explosives.

Label the boxes

As there are plenty of boxes to pack that may become difficult to identify after packing, it is best to label the boxes. Also, make sure that the cardboard boxes are strong enough to last in the warehouse facility for the long term.

To make the boxes much easier to identify, mention the type of contents that is packed inside and be specific about it. For example, label something like ‘dishes,’ ‘cutlery,’ instead of ‘Kitchen.’

Don’t forget to make the boxes with delicate items like crockery and glass items as ‘Fragile,’ so that movers can handle them with extreme care.

Disassemble large items

Disassembling large items like a bed, dining table, or a home gym machine makes it easy to pack and transport. Also, disassembling helps you to save on space in the storage and cost you less than not disassembling large items. However, you should store some items like mattresses as flat in the storage as doing so will keep them intact.

Place the items strategically.

Now you are ready to put your item in stock. Consider placing them randomly in the unit. If your goal is to save space, save your destination vertically. Place all large or heavy objects on the bottom of the appliance.

When placing the mattress flat, replace it directly on the bottom of the storage unit. Any item you place on it is likely to damage the pads and springs due to long-term pressure.

Also, think about what items you should not use regularly or easily. Place them in front of the storage unit, preferably near the door, for easy access.

Packing the furniture

Don’t place the boxes on the sofas or other comfy items as the weight will make them sag. Instead, stand these items upright. It will keep them safe and create more space in the storage unit. Don’t wrap the furniture items in the plastic sheet as it will retain moisture and spoil the wood. Instead, pack it in blanket sheets to protect them from scratches and other impacts.

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Final Words

These were some of the packing tips you can use to prepare your items for storage. You can also take additional actions like arranging the boxes vertically in the warehouse to save space. Following these tips can help you pack your stuff safely and store them strategically in the storage unit.


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