How to Plan a Romantic First Date: Ideas and Tips to Make It a Success


Congratulations on your first date! Now that you’ve worked up the courage to ask that special lady out, it is time for the more challenging part: planning a date she would remember.

First dates ought to be “romantic,” but this word can mean plenty of things for different people. What you must know, however, is that the measure of a successful romantic first date lies not in how exotic or expensive it is but in how well the two of you connected.

This article aims to help you plan your first romantic date with a couple of ideas and some tips that could help you make it a success.

3 Best First-Date Ideas You Should Consider

Going on a date for the first time can already leave you sweating, but one thing that tops this nerve-wracking situation is planning one. First dates give you the chance to leave a great first impression with a potential lifetime partner, so you have to make sure that you make it enjoyable.

If you’re not sure what to do, check out three of the best first-date ideas listed below to help you get started:

1.     Visit an amusement park

Who says theme parks are only for kids? Believe it or not, almost every girl dreams about spending that magical time in an amusement park with someone who could potentially be their future husband.

Aside from the vibrant lights and yummy theme park food, what makes these places quite enjoyable are the exciting attractions that you can ride with your date. After all, nothing makes for a better situation for holding hands than deep dive on a roller coaster.

2.     Go on a nature date

Nature has a way of bringing people together. Use this to your advantage and take your special someone on a nature date.

Venture into hidden gems on theoutskirts of the city or look for a lovely lake where you can have a romantic picnic in. Just make sure to plan ahead so you’ll have all you will need for a comfortable time together.

3.     Have dinner near a waterfront

If you’re confident in your cooking skills and want a chance to show it off, then you might think that preparing a home-cooked meal for lunch or dinner is a great idea for your first date.

However, many don’t recommend this as the setting can be rather personal and might leave your date feeling uncomfortable. This is where restaurants can help.

Luxury dining comes in many forms, but the most magical one is having a dinner date at a waterfront restaurant. For example, if you live and work in Dubai, you’ll want to give your date a break from the fast-paced life there. Fortunately, the city is also home to restaurants with atmospheric and calming waterfront tables perfect for getting to know each other.

4 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your First Date

When planning your first date, planning well can help you make sure that she knows how much you care for her and has a great time. However, you should also avoid making it seem like you’re trying too hard.

To help ease your nerves, here are four tips that can ensure the success of your first date:

1.     Pick the best location

The location helps set the tone for your date. While it isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered, the venue you chose has a significant impact on the impression your date will have of you.

When deciding on a place for your first date, playing it safe is, well, safest. This means you should stick to neutral venues to avoid putting too much pressure on your date. Doing this can help you get to know each other more comfortably and see whether there is a spark between the two of you.

That is, of course, unless you already know what she likes. If this is the case, you should try to make what pleases her happen, but avoid taking it too far that you’ll come off as trying-too-hard. A goodbalance between showing you care and keeping it cool is important.

2.     Plan for an engaging conversation

Another important thing you must prepare for when planning for your first date is the conversation. Women often find conversations as a great way to determine whether they are compatible with the person they are with.

While this may be nerve-wracking, try to focus on being yourself while still ensuring that your ladylove is engaged. According to psychologists, this can be done by:

  • Avoiding cheesy pick-up lines or empty compliments
  • Starting the conversation with something interesting, intelligent, and cultured

Reciprocity is also vital in a successful conversation. This means that, whether she asks a question or shares something about herself, you should always respond with something similar. This keeps the conversation equal and shows how polite and well-mannered you are.

3.     Consider how you will present yourself

The first date is a great time to build an excellent first impression. For this reason, you must consider how you will present yourself way ahead of the actual meetup.

To make sure you do this the right way, you have to seek an honest opinion from a friend or relative and ask how he or she sees you. This way, you will know other people’s perception of you and make minor “corrections” to any habits you have that may not be attractive for other people.

4.     Be aware of non-verbal cues

Still on the subject of perception, you also need to be aware of your non-verbal cues.

As mentioned earlier, some habits may need correcting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should change who you are. It only means that you should be aware of negative body language that can be misinterpreted during your date.

Remember that your actions are louder than the words that come out of your mouth. To make sure you communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally, try tweaking your body language a little.

For example, most people fold their arms if they are interested in what the other person is saying, but this can be misunderstood. Instead, you should tilt your head towards her and lean in. This will send the message that you’re into the conversation and want to hear more without offending the person you’re talking to.

Follow It Up

There are plenty more ideas you can try on your first date. Whether you’re planning a private dinner date at a freestyle restaurant or a simple picnic at the local park, you must remember the primary goal of your first date: to establish a connection. Once this has been achieved, don’t forget to follow it up with a call on the following day.


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