How To Get Rid of Phobia in School Children

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   It’s no doubt that almost all school children always have a hard time in school. It could be  because of the rude behaviour of teachers or to many homework and at the same time too many chores to do at home. Nowadays little or no children of school age wants to take studying seriously let alone going to school and after graduating get a better job.

  As the population increase so as the rate of children of school age not wanting to go to school, thus resulting to being a drop-out and it resulting to high rate of iliteracy a given country. No offence but there are certain country with high rate of iliteracy. Maybe because of poverty or it could be the children who don’t want to go to school because of a certain problem they are facing.

  Poverty could be the cause of children of school age not going to school even if the children have the zeal and knowledge to excel in school and come out with flying coloures. But because of their financial status they are been kept at home all day doing nothing but sit at home and play or hawk food for their parents.

  One of the thing that can also make children of school age not wanting to go to school is the “BULLIES” in the school. This is one of the major thing that makes school children not wanting to go to school. As we all know that bullies in school always intimidate their fellow school mate. Either because they are much bigger and stronger than other or because they are just spoilt brats who never get punished for their naughtness or they could be bullying their mates because they are facing a hard time at home or right in the school. These bullies always intimidate most especially the brainy ones who are weak to fight back. With this the interest of school children to go to school will be lost and at the end causing the children to no longer want to go to school.

  When i said that bullies was one the major problems that makes school children not wanting to go school that means there are many things that makes school children not wanting to go to school.

   Another major thing that can make school children not wanting to go to school is “MEAN TEACHERS”. When a teacher is mean to school children, the children would hate the subject the teacher teaches and gradually hate school.

   With all these problems that are making school children to hate school, here’s the solution which really helped me get rid of my phobia.

   To get rid of phobia of school in school children, THEIR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT SHOULD BE CONDUCIVE. Whe the enviroment is conducive, can the school children understand what they are been taught and with this, children will not be not be told that they should go to school but will decide that on their own. But if the environment not, the student won’t understand what they are been taught and thus seeing learning as a hard thing. This often happen in mathematics. To create a conducive environment, the learning area should be quiet. They will understand better if at least the noise is not very disturbing and the teacher, school management and prefect should ensure this.

   To get rid of the phobias children should be taught by a “HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND COMPETENT TEACHERS ONLY. Before a child can learn and understand a particular topic, the teacher has to first of all understand it more. If qualified and competent teacher teaches children they are sure to understand with this, getting rid of phobia in school children.

   Another thing that can get rid of phobia in children is “SOCIAL INTERACTION BETWEEN THE TEACHER AND STUDENT”. When their is social interaction, the student tends to understand better because the teaching turns into a group chit chat and with this making learning easy and fun thus promoting the interest of school in children and getting rid of these damn phobia.

   You can get rid of phobia in school children by the “PARENTS GETTING THEIR CHILDREN COMPLETE STUDY MATERIAL AND THE SCHOOL HAVING A COMPLETE PRACTICAL EQUIPMENT”. if school children don’t have the complete study material then their learning will be disturbed. For example if an intelligent school child don’t have math or english textbook while others have, when they are making use of their own, he would feel jealous and not want to go to school because he is too ashamed to face his classmate. And if the school don’t have complete set of practical equipment. practical won’t be conducted as we all know school children understand with practical more than theory.

   “NOT GIVING THE CHILDREN TOO MANY WORKS EITHER IN SCHOOL OR AT HOME”,could help children get rid of phobia because when they don’t have a leisure time of their own. They naturally hate whatever that is preventing them from having fun. No matter how brilliant a child is he or she should be given a leisure time of their own and with this they don’t have to over work themselves.

   “NOT COMPARING THE CHILDREN TO SOMEONE WHO IS BETTER THAN THEM”,can really be of a great help to the children because they don’t have to overwork themselves just to please anyone. With this learning becomes more neutral.

   Like i said before the above mentioned helped me get rid of my phobia but the major thing that really help me is “ENCOURAGEMENT FROM TEACHERS AND PARENTS”. Before i really hate anything competition but after my literature teacher gave test which was to write a prose a compulsory topic. He loved it and called me out and encouraged me to put more effort so i can become a great writer. With this i thought about what my family all said to me, i became determined to study harder and make school my bestie and take it seriously.

By AKUBUEZE GOODNESS CHINWEORUEBUBE, 16 Years Old , Ebogoro Main Town, Nigeria


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