How are Some ISPs Providing a Highly-Secure Wireless Internet Connection


Okay, let’s begin with a question.What’s your most prized possession? Well, we don’t know about you, but if we were to answer this question, then it would definitely be the Wi-Fi connection at our house. Times are different and we all need full-fledged access to high-speed internet to get through the day.  So there is no shame in accepting the fact that we are quite possessive and protective of our Wi-Fi connection and we should be because Wi-Fi connections are always at the risk of getting attacked by freeloading neighbors or pesky hackers.

One should not take Wi-Fi security lightly. You pay your ISP a certain amount every month for a specific bandwidth that you and your family can enjoy. If someone else is stealing your bandwidth without your consent, imagine what great damage they can cause with the data that you share while connecting with the Wi-Fi. So, it’s about time you did something more than just frequent password changes to keep your Wi-Fi connection safe.

An unsecure Wi-Fi connection is no less than a hacker’s playground. Data breaches and non-consensual Wi-Fi usage becomes a routine in such cases. Do you know that almost 24% of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world do not use any type of encryption? This is the reason why public networks are considered the most risky. Similarly, if house networks have no apt security measures taken, then things are inevitable to go downhill.

Now, the question is, how can you secure your Wi-Fi connection? Well, we could’ve lectured you extensively on taking apt measures to ensure safety, but, let’s face it, nobody has enough time to read the boring part. If only we could get assistance from someone we rely on. Luckily, there are ISPs that take Internet security very seriously. These ISPs offer an array of advanced built-in Wi-Fi security features so you can enjoy high-speed internet connection at all times, without worrying about data breaches.

ISPs that offer Secure Wi-Fi Connection

AT&T Internet

Besides providing a spectacular service in terms of availability and reliability, AT&T ensures one more thing – a safe and secure internet connection. To help its subscribers overcome Wi-Fi connections vulnerability, AT&T provides a feature known as Smart Home Manager. This come with AT&T Internet deals,and you can use it for various purposes. Smart Home Manager provides true network privacy. This means no one from outside can intrude into your Wi-Fi network.

Spectrum Internet

Charter Spectrum also offers internet plans that come with many, many features including a foolproof connection security. In a bid to match with the wit of pesky internet criminals, Spectrum Internet’s Security Suite promises to provide 100% Wi-Fi security. Security Suite from Spectrum ensures true network safety. From kids in your family to adults, everyone can enjoy a highly secured Internet experience at all times.

Mediacom Internet

Then we have cable internet from Mediacom Communications. Besides all the other features that Mediacom Internet promises you, there’s one more – Total Defense Security Suite. Although this particular service may be free of cost, it packs a punch in terms of providing a highly-secured internet connection. Total Defense provides top-notch Wi-Fi security, which keeps freeloaders and hackers away from your connection.


Internet from Frontier Communication also comes with a secure Wi-Fi connection. With Frontier’s Multi-Device Security you can ensure a secure connection for up to 10 devices connected with the main network. This feature also comes with parental controls so young ones in your family can enjoy a well-monitored time on the internet. Plus, you even get a Password Manager Service that keeps your credit card information and all sorts of sensitive data safe and secure from the clenches of pesky hackers. This means, Frontier keeps all your passwords safe while you enjoy your Wi-Fi connection without worrying. Now if this isn’t an all rounding service, don’t know what will.

So, Stay Safe and Enjoy a Secure Internet Connection

You deserve a hassle-free online experience. So, make sure that you’re doing your part in keeping your connection safe. Opt for an ISP that ensures you a safe connection. This process may require a ton of research, but it’ll all be worth it. So, if you’re planning to switch your existing internet connection, then be sure to shortlist the options that offer internet security features as well.


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