GOD :The Master of Masters (Poem)

Photo by M K Paul

God is great…

God is everything…

I admire this,

Be a Human being…

Empower myself with faith and trust,

Afflict the need for hate and greed.

Amongst all the bounty bound my lust

Life is fashioned to flee and bleed.

Alongside my journey you guide and stay.

Beginning the instance I arrive,

Hearing whispers of my quiet pray,

Thanking you for, I am alive.


Sometimes you never speak to me

Or comforts me in fear,

More often I am not listening,

A hardened heart and I can’t hear.

The cause of all causes,

The Master of masters…

I asked that if I followed you,

You’ll be there to rescue,

You promised me my Lord.

At once, I hear your voice in my heart…

‘Awake my child and live in right now.

As tomorrow is purely a surprise,

Your questions about where, why and how,

Will reveal at your last sunrise.’

I calm down and listen,

With humble introspection,

Clear messages from God

Provide me a better direction.



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