You came to my Life (Poem)


May be, there was thunder without cloud,

Flowers were blooming somewhere,

May be, it was raining that day

Love song may had aired in atmosphere.

You came to my life…

It was so pleasant but not planned

Not perfect and stormed.

I was not sure that you are the one,

I dreamed,

But still the vibes came.

Life before, I met you

Was just incomplete.

You came to my life

And the wish was fulfilled.

You are the respect in my life

That I will forever earn.

You are the cognition

That I strive to learn.

You are the one, for

Whom, I am so special.

You cannot believe

How you have made me feel!

You came to my life…

What we have is love

And all of it is real!


You are my everything, more than life.

You are so much more than actual.

Though I don’t believe in Future

But, you are my today and tomorrow.

As long as I have got you,

It’s time of Joy not of sorrow.



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