Gift your loved ones health insurance this holiday season

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Winters are here, and so is Christmas. This is that time of the year when you look forward to ending the year with festivities and spending quality time with your loved ones. This is also the time when you let go of your inhibitions and indulge in celebrations, making you prone to illnesses and other health conditions. This festive season, gift your loved ones the security of family health insurance. A robust health insurance plan will ensure your loved ones are covered in the face of a medical emergency if the need arises.

Health insurance is an assurance of access to top-notch healthcare facilities and services without worrying about the expenses involved. It promises the best medical care in a time of need. If you are looking for Christmas and New Year gift options for your family, then gift them a safety net to rely on. Ditch the age-old traditional gifts and consider giving them family health insurance.

Importance of family health insurance

Health insurance is the best backup plan to rely on in case of a medical emergency. Whether it is a prolonged or sudden illness or an unpredictable accident, your health insurance will ensure you get the timely and best treatment and recover soon.

Without family health insurance, you would have to use your savings or take loans to meet the medical expenses of your family. A family floater plan is even more important if you have a senior citizen at home or if somebody in your family has a lifestyle disease such as diabetes or a heart condition.

Hence, health insurance is extremely important to keep your savings secure and ensure you get the best and most timely medical care. So, while you are wishing your loved ones merriment and happiness, give them something that lets them be stress-free.

Health insurance—the perfect Christmas gift

Some of the top reasons for investing in health insurance include:

  • Healthcare cost has gone up tremendously

Healthcare expenses have skyrocketed in the last decade. With the intervention of newer drugs and technologies, the cost of treatments has also gone up. Additionally, there is a rising number of diseases and infections that can burn a hole in your pocket. Today, it is not easy to afford the cost of treatment for most critical illnesses. Hence, health insurance can be a lifesaver and a very thoughtful gift for those you care for.

  • You need to wait for some time before getting insurance for pre-existing diseases

If you have a loved one with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, or asthma, then you must not delay buying health insurance for them. Managing these conditions can be expensive and insurance companies allow treatments with a waiting period of two or more years. Hence, getting health insurance without delay is a good idea.

  • Avail the benefit of cashless claim settlement at network hospitals

Health insurance providers offer cashless claim settlements at network hospitals so you do not have to worry about arranging funds to pay the bills and then file a claim later for compensation. You can simply pursue treatment and your insurer will settle the bill with the hospital. This ensures more convenience for your loved ones.

  • Affordable premiums to keep your family protected

With a plethora of health insurance products available in the market, buying family health insurance is convenient and affordable. Most health insurance policies come with an affordable premium and you can get the policy customised as per the needs of your family. You can avail of health insurance with a higher sum insured for all members of your family at affordable premiums.

  • Health insurance offers tax benefits too

Did you know by purchasing health insurance you can save money on taxes too? Yes, this is possible. As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can now claim a tax deduction based on your health policy. So, health insurance is not only a perfect Christmas gift for your family but it will also help you with tax savings.

Why choose health insurance this Christmas?

  • Christmas and New Year weekends are dangerous when you are driving

The festive season is the time when most people are carefree and reckless on the roads.   Many road accidents are reported during this time of the year. Secondly, most of North India witnesses dense fog during this time, and driving at late hours is risky. Health insurance covers medical expenses due to accidents, thus, safeguarding you and your loved ones against any mishap.

  • Vector-borne diseases are on an all-time high

This is the season many people catch the flu and other infections. Elderly and children are more prone to such diseases and sometimes, if the symptoms do not get better, they may need hospitalisation. Bearing the cost of treatment may not come easy, especially when it is not planned. Hence, family health insurance is an ideal gift.

  • Chances of catching a cold are high in this season

Due to the lower temperature in December and January, the chances of catching a cold are pretty high. While the winters are not directly accountable for making you sick, the cold-causing viruses spread at a faster rate during this time. Even though not all cold needs medical intervention, you cannot say when symptoms get worse. Hence, health insurance is a necessity for your family.


Final word

When you purchase health insurance for your loved ones, make sure the plan you choose fulfils their needs. Choose adequate top-up plans, and consider pre-existing illnesses, lifestyle habits and renewability factors. Also, don’t forget to check the credibility and claim settlement ratio of your insurance provider.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.


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