Geography… Oh really I like you!! (Poem)


Hey, Girl, Do You like the subject?

Yes, Yes.. Oh No, No, not that much.

You scored highest on Geo, how then?

Oh.. I liked the Teacher,

It’s so simple man

Back then, wasn’t part of the plan…

My story started with Geography ,

Oh No, with you;

When I was in grade eight.

Since then, your smile is my fave

Held heart healthy and tight….

I never thought, You!! my teacher!!!

When we first crashed on school corridor,

Didn’t bother to even look back

Thought, who is she? like a girl next door.

Class started, hence the blabber,

With time, with your teachings, with your passion,

Magically became your dedicated praiser.

After family, discovered my first love in you.

Had fear,

Had a feeling of loosing you after years a few.

Time flies like an arrow, and It’s five more than a decade

I met you,

I still have the same notions,

Like earlier like ahead…

Realizing , you more like a friend than teacher now,

Trust me, I will prove , a better sister than a student

One day ‘any-some’how..

I walked into so many new ‘life’ phase as passe

Though, I promise, never ever to forget your sweet

Smiling Face…

So thank you for being my sister, my friend
I promise that our trust will have no end…

Through ups and downs,felicity and gloom,

My lady,

My love for you will always bloom…

Life will change, not me

Your dedicated lover,I will be…


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