Betrayal and Mercy (A Poem)


How long the final moments of life go on!

A raindrop.

A last smile which you know is the end

And it won’t be there anymore.

Can you tell a blade length?

The brushed clean steel,

The clatter against bone.

The teeth biting many a times,

Like the scattering bullets of a shotgun,

In slow seconds,

Which pass one at a time.

Doesn’t the sudden violence taste exquisite?

Like the sip from a cold cup of tea,

That has been left on the table,

In the rain.

A star which has broken,

Exploding from the back of your head,

Like a shuddering happiness.

Do the tears burn your soul to shreds,

With faces from your memory?

A blanket which is grasped tightly,

That digs into the past,

Searching for laughter.

Beauty found in femininity,

Found in a girly manner.

In a Woman pit of the heart,

A girl always remains.

A hurt which remain with the lost –

Hopeless desperation,

That wishes against all hope,

Searching for salvation,

From her loneliness and fears.

Her anger remains like a deep sadness,

Eyes painful,

Heart, tied in a knot.

(A sigh from the lips, which shows acceptance, and faith)

So, she is blessed by me,

By my prayers,

By the light of death.


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