Followers on Instagram to help turn around your business during the COVID19 pandemic


To navigate through the COVID19 pandemic businesses must be responsive to the call of the time to tide over the crisis. Indeed, the pandemic has caused immense damage to businesses of all sizes, especially small firms. Everyone must use the time not only to combat the pandemic and keep the business going but also lay the foundation of a secure future. Entrepreneurs, private and family businesses can use their ingenuity and agility to adjust and respond quicker than others.  These are hard times, and every business owner must try to stretch the dollar as much as possible to keep the business buoyant. They must also learn to adapt to the new reality emerging and set new standards in business development and marketing by taking to the social media that provides many affordable means of business promotion with higher consumer engagement.

Although the pandemic has disrupted lives and brought about a complete change in the way we live by enforcing physical distancing, the marketing needs remain unchanged and hinges closer consumer engagement for brands. To strike a balance between the two and even to devise more pocket-friendly marketing campaigns, businesses are using social media platforms more aggressively through Instagram followers

Buy followers on Instagram to augment your marketing efforts

Among all other social media platforms, Instagram remains a hot favorite for businesses for the prospects of high returns through intense consumer engagement and more so because most Instagram users, almost 80%, keep following businesses. To start a marketing campaign on Instagram or even to bolster an ongoing campaign, you can buy followers on Instagram to demonstrate your authority on the platform that places your business in good stead.  Followers are everything for Instagrammers because it reflects the popularity and acceptance level of the brand. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc Instagram not only provides the opportunity for promoting the brand but also acts as a marketplace for selling your products. Conversions that happen of Instagram are different from the conversion on other social media platforms because it generates revenue instantly, which puts Instagram a few notches above the others. 

Break the chain of infection but not the rules

To beat the coronavirus, we must take the war to the enemy camp by taking aggressive steps like lockdown and physical distancing to effectively stop the virus from spreading. Since the virus is contagious and spreads through droplets coming out from the nose and mouth of humans, wearing masks, and maintaining a physical distance of at last 2 meters can break the chain of infection and halt it on its track.  This has led to home quarantines and lockdowns across the world in varying degrees that have saved lives but rang the death knell for businesses. 

Businesses face the formidable challenge of staying in touch with consumers when consumers remain locked up at homes or do not dare to visit stores fearing the virus attack. Fortunately, businesses that use Instagram and other social media channels can effectively overcome the barrier and engage with consumers in the way they want. Although the efforts might not generate revenue, it will help keep the flock of customers together who can continuously remain in touch with the brand or vice versa.

Garner maximum attention on Instagram Live

Instagram offers huge opportunities to educate and entertain consumers, which is a great way to keep them engaged. Instagram has progressed into a video platform too, and Instagram Live is a feature created within Instagram Stories to stream videos in real-time that creates better engagement and builds more trust for the brand.   You can promote products through tutorials, teasers, demos, or launch announcements. You can use real-time videos to alert consumers about a limited-time sale or offer. To draw most viewers’ attention to your videos on Instagram Live, tease it in your stories or feed before you go live that will alert viewers about the next thing they should watch out for. Posting your live videos to Instagram Stories, so that remains visible for 24 hours. You can then save it for later use and even upload it on IGTV.

IGTV – the newest feature of Instagram

As businesses grapple with the pandemic and struggle to keep going, Instagram has included its newest feature IGTV that gives them a shot in the arm to engage with consumers closely. As video content forms the largest chunk of content, Instagram that, till a few months ago, could only stream micro-videos has launched IGTV, its version of YouTube for uploading full videos.   You can set up your channels and share videos up to one hour long.

Instagram has made all arrangements for shopping too. When shoppers are spending more time online, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to turn the tide in their favor despite the pandemic.


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