Focus on Points while Writing an Essay

By: Sneha Tyagi

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Focus is the essential ingredient for efficient output. Well, this is not a famous proverb but it has a lot of importance as we should always engrave in our minds the importance of focus in performing any task. Focus is the thing that is within ourselves but nowadays we have to look out for that. In this era of globalization when people are busy running and making pace with the fast outside world, they are running fast from their inner peace as well. Inner peace is the thing that leads to focus and concentration in performing a task which may a task of writing an essay. Focusing has become an art nowadays. 

Focus on writing an essay requires concentration and a clear thought process that will act as a catalyst in writing an essay. To focus on essay writing certain key areas need to be covered so that you can focus on the major and important part of providing an article that is plagiarism-free and information-rich. The key areas include points like time management, understanding of the topic, understanding of the requirement of the topic, not doing over researching, presentation of the information in a lucid manner, etc. 

Time management

Time management is the first key area that you need to focus on. You should be clear about the process and have a clear idea about the time that you want to spend on writing the essay and researching it. If you are not clear about time management you may end up over-researching or writing which may not show up your article as fruitful as it would be if managed properly.

Understanding the topic

Understanding the topic is the next essential task for you as you must first consider the meaning of the question or topic on which you must write the essay. Contemplating the meaning of the topic and learning the requirements of the essay is a different art that can be acquired with time and practice. If you are writing your piece after assessing the meaning of the topic and you are giving relevant information to the reader your excerpt or the essay will be engaging and will gauge the reader toward your writings for future published works.

The requirement of the topic 

The requirement of the topic means to understand and to know what the topic requires you to explain and write. Understanding the topic requires time and patience and the time utilized here will save you time in writing the essay as at that time you will be clear about the requirement of the question. Analyzing is a practice that comes with a lot of practice. Yes true it requires practice and good analysis techniques to comprehend the meaning of the topic of the article.


Research article writing has a complementary relationship with pen paper. All writers and content writers are well aware of the importance of researching for any article. Research means searching about the topic. That search may include the basic meaning or the data related to that topic. There are some times when we indulge in researching so much that we may even forget the other key areas that are as important as researching. If one is doing overly research then surely that person is losing on part of the time and this also entails that the writer is not clear about the requirement of the topic and the article. On the opposite side, if the writer is sort of researching the article may look shabby and may not be engaging and information-rich which leads to an article that is devoid of the required information.


Presentation is the point which may be written at last but is the first to be considered. Presentation be it for any written article or a typed one entails very much important as it creates the first impression on the minds of the readers. The first impression is the last and it is also true in the case of writing an essay. Your article should be presentable it should be well structured including the introduction to the topic, the main body, and then the conclusion. If the article is written it should be in a legible and readable handwriting. Presentation not only means the outer beauty of the article in the sense of colorful pens or data charts or images. The real presentation is the presentation in terms of writing an article that is engaging through its words.

Considering and keeping all these points in mind a writer can focus on writing an essay and write a fruitful article that is information rich and engaging.

By: Sneha Tyagi

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