First-Timer’s Guide to Visiting Chicago

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Planning a trip to Chicago for the first time?You might be curious to know how to ride to the windy city in the most comfortable way. Whether hire an airport taxi from O’Hare airport or take a public train, it’s easy to get befuddled seeing lots of options. Isn’t it? Furthermore, deep in your mind, you might be anxious to discover popular sights the beautiful city offers.

The zeal to know things beforehand is quite obvious, especially to first-time visitors. Let’s not keep things secret from you! Check out the first-timer’s handy guide to visiting Chicago to make your trip stand out:

A Few Quick Facts About the Windy City

Well, the windy city has got plenty of interesting facts that you as a novice traveler must know tomake your trip’s every second count. Right from the moment you land at O’Hare airport to reaching downtown Chicago, the city is full of vibrant places all over. Since its incorporation in 1833, the city has rapidly developed into an architectural masterpiece.

It’s home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the USA such as Wills Tower with a height of 442 m and Trump International Hotel and Tower with a whopping height of 423 m among various others. With over 2.7 million population, the city roads are always busy hosting thousands of travelers such as you. The city has emerged as a major international hub for commerce, transportation and technology.

The Best Time to Visit Chicago

During summers, the weather in Chicago goes very high that might put your beach visit plan on the back-burner. On the other hand, in winters, it goes chilling cold and only a brave could withstand. So timing is the key to making the most out of your trip to the city.

The best time to visit the windy city is during the months of April, May, September and October. During these months, the weather is pleasant that adds more charm to your trip. Also, most of the festivals are celebrated during the spring and fall that you might not want to miss at all.

Top Places to Visit in Chicago

Millions of visitors fly to Chicago every year and its popularity isn’t new. The city hosts some of the famous architectural masterpieces, museums, zoos and more. Some of the top places that must be on a first-time visitor’s radar are Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Museum of Science and Industry, Lincoln Park Zoo and The Art Institute of Chicago. These places host several events around the year that make sightseeing even more fun.

How to Travel to Sightseeing Destinations in Chicago?

You could buy tickets to O’Hare international airport that’s just at a distance of 18 miles from the city center. From the airport, you could travel by hiring an airport taxi or using public transport such as bus and train. However, being a first-time visitor to the city, you might not be aware of the roads and the shortest path to reach destinations. So hiring an airport taxi will work great for you.You could even choose a limo or Ford excursion vehicles for the trip.

The Key Takeaway

Being a first-time visitor shouldn’t stop you from having the most out of your trip to the windy city and this guide would help. It has got every key detail that you, as a first-time traveler, need to plan your trip to the populous city of the US. Keeping the prime sightseeing destinations in the list, the guide unfolds the places that must be on your radar during the first-time travel to Chicago.


Description: Visiting Chicago for the first time? Keep this handy guide with you that has all the key details you need to make your trip stand out. From renting an airport taxi from O’Hare airport to the best time to visiting Chicago, top places for sightseeing and how to travel to them, the guide covers everything. Learn more.


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