Some Best Food For Sciatica Patients


Sciatica pain spreads along the sciatic nerve and generally suffers in buttocks and spread in the back side of the leg and felt in the foot also. Usually, sciatica affects on one side of body and it causes pain, numbness and inflammation in the affected leg.

Foods that help sciatica by reducing inflammation are:

Magnesium rich foodsare mostly, recommended for sciatica patients because magnesium rich food helps your body in realising in contraction of muscles. As we know that around 99% of our body’s total magnesium is stored in our bones soft tissues and muscleswhile remaining 1% is present in blood.

Spinach, black beans, dried fig, yogurt, dairy products, brown rice, avocado, dark chocolates, fish and apricot by using these foods can support you to reduce sciatic pain.


Owing to heaps of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamin (K, C) helps to reduce pain. So add tomatoes in your daily routine as a salad or use freshly chopped tomatoes in cooking dishes to gain nutrients from powerful fruit.


Pineapple contains bromelain enzymes that contain anti-inflammatory properties. It contains digestive enzymes which supportto break down the cells that cause inflammatory within the body due to this great effect and delicious taste, pineapple are definitely one of the best fruit that helps to reduce sciatica pain. Other enzymes of pineapple successfully treated rheumatoid arthritis and also help in tissue repairing.


An extremely “perfect food”. Blue berries are grown popular over the years. It contains quercetin which supports to fight against inflammatory cell and decrease sciatica nerve pain. Blue berries not only help sciatica pain because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, but also help your neurotransmitters. In early morning when consume as a part of healthy and balanced breakfast, a great day ahead.


Olive oil (extra virgin) due to its anti-inflammatory compounds it support to fight against inflammation and develop healing. Olive oil is more nutritious and healthy as compared to sunflower.


These are naturally full of Vitamins and essential fatty acids that help sciatica. Fishes contain Omega-3 which also plays a vital role to reduce pain if you don’t like fish you can purchase Omega-3 supplements.


Pay attention on foods rich in Vitamin B family that play a vital role in daily routine function of your body as it makes your nervous system strong and healthy. Sufficiency cause insufficiently of transmitters and thus decrease the healthy process of your sciatic nerve.

Here is some Vitamin B that you should consume in your daily diet.


Vitamin B6 also called pyridoxine that helps in the metabolism of our body’s neurotransmitters. Food rich in Vitamin B6 include fish, banana, legumes and meat (grass fed).


It plays an essential role in sustaining the health and fitness of myelin, myelin is a fatty material that covers nerve fibers to support quick and ease connecting between neurotransmitters. To consume B12 use chicken and eggs, shell fish (trout), yogurt and cheese.


Spices contain antioxidants that cause reductionin inflammatory response. Ginger, turmeric, cloves and rosemary are commonly used to reduce inflammation.

Author:  KINZA FAROOQ, MS (Remote Sensing & GIS), PAKISTAN


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