Essay vs Research paper

By: Raunak Jha

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Writing skills are slowly becoming scarce. The writing skill is in high demand in the market. This is due to the fact that writing has been able to change its face. It now has several different faces. It has been changed into digital marketing, then it also a core part of content writing. We now have different kinds of content writing, which do help in various kinds of field. There are promotional content and content for magazines, and then there are several other branches of the writing field like marketing.

The reason that writing is important

But writing is a skill which is important for a student’s career in the future. It is important from various perspective. Most importantly, if you do have a good writing skill then your presentation skills in term of resume and the cover letter and various job or internship request applications can be better in many aspects.

On the other hand, academically, writing skills can help you in many forms. The material which you study or the topics which a student reads throughout his college years can be made easy. It can be done thorough research papers or essays. If you are trying to learn something, then putting them in words can be very helpful. It will help you in expressing your thoughts more clearly. It will also point out the topics, which you are not able to express clearly, since those are the points which you are not clearly familiar with. All of this can prepare you better for future interviews or even some important exams.

Now, if we consider research paper and essays, then these two are completely different from each other. In case of research paper, you need to be thorough with the topic. It needs a sense of clarity when you are trying to present your chosen topic in front of others. Research papers do not require your personal opinions. They are a bit longer than essays and need a thorough research. They have a particular structure, which is crucial and strictly needs to be followed by the writer.

Different types of essays

Now, if we consider an essay, then they are smaller than research paper. They are generally of one or two pages of length. They do consist of the personal opinions of the writer. They do not necessarily need to follow a particular structure. They do not favour a particular party which means that an essay shows plus and minus points, both for a particular theme. They are of different types: –

  1. Narrative essays

In this type of essay, a writer can use his/her imaginative skills to present a particular topic in a story format. Writers can use drama, situations or even scenarios which can easily explain a given topic more easily.

  1. Descriptive essays

In this case, a writer can use various tools to describe his/ her creation in a more detailed manner than a narrative one. In this topic, each element of an essay is described in a better way than narrative type.

  1. Comparison essays

In this kind of essay, writer has to compare two aspects of the same category. The two aspects need to have one common point and some different points.

  1. Academic essay

In this category, a student has to gain theoretical knowledge on a particular topic from academics and then an essay is written on it. It is usually of 3000 to 5000 words in length.

  1. Argumentative essay

In this kind of essay, a writer has to write about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular theme or topic. In other words, the essay has to be for as well as against the topic.

  1. Philosophical essay

In this kind of essay, a student can use his personal derivations or thoughts on a particular topic to explain about it or discuss it and present the views to the public or readers.

Different types of research papers

 Now, in a similar manner there are different types of research paper also. Those can be explained in the following categories: –

  1. Analytical research paper

In this kind of research paper, a student or writer needs to give detailed insight or review on a particular topic. There also needs to be some supporting evidence or examples that can help explain the point in a clearer manner.

  1. Argumentative research paper

In this kind of research paper, there needs to be clear statements that can support an argument on a particular topic. There writer needs to spend a good amount of time on the background research on that particular topic.

  1. Informative Research Paper

In this kind of research paper, a writer needs to deliver an information in a compact yet elaborate manner to the readers or audience.

  1. Persuasive research paper

In this kind of research paper, a writer needs to present his/her argument in such a way that the reader is compelled or forced to believe the thoughts of the writer, and makes a decision on that belief solely.


In this way we can conclude that essay is different than a research paper in several ways. The points that we consider for differentiating the two, can be a bit contradictory or confusing or indirect. But they are being used to describe that how the two are similar but different in some major aspects. They both serve different purposes. They both have the capability to provide the information or the targeted explanation on a particular topic. But they are different from each other.

By: Raunak Jha

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