Education as if People and Planet Matter

By: Jnandeep Bora

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Our earth is a unique planet of the solar system. It is unique in the sense that, it is the only planet in the solar system where human life prevails. It is unique also because in this planet of ours there are all the preconditions for the sustenance of life in it. At the same time for the world being among the various potent agents to bring about a sustainable development of ours, education has prove out to be the most pivotal. It is pivotal in the sense that, education may prove out to be the greatest boon in bringing about a growth for the world being which is in coherence with our planet earth. Coherence in this regard means producing a world order where there is human progress in it, without destructing or jeopardizing the fragile environment. In this way education has its own unique role to play in human being’sown existence and his very survival.  

This is due to the fact that, education is a journey which starts from the cradle and ends in the grave. So, it is for the people of this planet earth to consider in totality, about the pros and cons of education. In this context, it may be said that everything in this planet earth has its own utility or its futility. So, in the same way for the people of this planet earth, education too matters in its own way. Therefore, it is up to the people of this planet earth to turn education into a potent agent of social change and thus bringing about social cohesion. Education, may be considered as an agent of change which, can bring about a complete upheaval in the global order, in totality. Education, too has its own role to play in turning this planet of ours into a paradise with the passage of time.Thus it would produce a state of being where there is happiness, happiness and happiness all around.

In this way, it can be said that, it is up to the people of this planet earth to convert education into a pathfinder of social cohesion and harmony. If, every one of our planet, earth is able to utilise his/her share of education that he/she receives in a coherent manner then only, our planet earth would be conducive enough for progress and prosperity. A progress and prosperity which will take the whole planet earth to new heights and thereby, making our planet earth into a storehouse   of beauty and creativity. In this context, it is worthwhile commenting specifically that, if we want to make this planet of ours into a coherent place of habitation then the much-desired change can certainly be brought about as well as compounded by the spread of education. Thus, lies our pathway for the people of this planet earth in the spread of education.

Now, the question arises why only education a game changer for the earthly beings? Yes, there are a plethora of societal agents which can bring about change in the global perspective. At the same time, the way education turns out to be the best agent in this regard is that, education as a potent agent of social change adds a new feather to a person’s thinking  as a whole and to his/her creativity, writ large. This feather of his elongates and mushrooms with the passage of time, and in the long run, itself turning into a cohesive wing which adds a new dimension to his overall peace and prosperity. As, it is rightly said that, everything in a person’s life decays except his/ her share of education that he/she receives in his/her life. So, among the prized possession of mankind education too matters as a prized one for the mankind of this planet of ours. 

In other words, receiving education can be compared to be like adding humus to soil. The more the humus received by the soil, the more the fertile that particular soil becomes. In, the same way, what is true for a particular individual, in a wholesome way it is true for the whole of the mankind of this planet earth, in totality. As, humus adds to the fertility of the soil so does, education matters in adding to the capacity of refining in the rationality of mankind in to too. This will have a herculean effect on the people of the planet earth.Thus, when the whole of mankind would be enriched via, the means of education then the overall situation will turn our planet earth into a fertile ground for progress and prosperity. The repercussions of this fact will be felt in the global forum. In the times to come, the spread of education will have a reverberating effect on the people of this planet of ours.

An effect which will embrace one and all of the mankind thereby, showing its aftereffects in terms of progress and development of theirs. Education thus, will have its own impact for the people of this planet of ours and it can certainly matter and prove itself to be the magic wand in the times to come. Education at the same time, has the capacity to weed out the various global lacunas as prevalent today and thereby fill up the voids in the planet earth.  A voidness created by the activities of the people of this planet itself and too can be weeded out by themselves. The emerging scenario can be compared with the similitude of a well sung song. It would be like a well-mannered and well-sung song whose melody will sooth the people of this planet earth in the times to come.

In other words, thus, in the emerging scenario, its effect will be felt in a dynamic way in the annals of time. Moreover, as the solar system is a unique and synchronised combination of various heavenly bodies, so does education have a unique role to matter in this regard both for the people of this planet earth as well as thereby, showing its repercussions on the whole solar system. This effect is of adding in a new dimension in bringing about a coherence and order among the various heavenly bodies. This will add a new flavour and fragrance in the life of the people of this planet earth and also, it is implicit to have its own effect in bringing about a harmonious solar system. In this harmonious solar system of ours every individual will matter in its coherence and order. An order, where there is perfect harmony between man and nature. One devoid of another is both a nullity as well as an impossibility. The balancing wheel in this behalf is the spread of the flames of education among the world beings.

By Jnandeep Bora 

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