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By: Diksha Sonvani

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Everyone has a dream in life. Dream to improve yourself, dream to achieve something, dream to become something and dream to live happy life with real estate of dream. It is very important to dream in life because it is the dream that motivates us to move forward in the right direction and work hard. There is no meaning of life without dreams, always dream big, it takes determination to turn dreams into reality. Your thinking and your dreams have the power to turn them into reality. You should work hard by believing in himself and keep looking for dream homes for sale. Real happiness and pride in yourself will come when you move forward with hard work and determination.

 “You become what you think.” If you can imagine it, you can also achieve it. That’s why always dream big, says this principle. The universe helps us to achieve that thing. You can attract all the happiness in life. Our subconscious mind does not understand the difference  between positive and negative, what  we think happens to us, so always think positive.

What does my dream real estate look like

It is our dream that play an  important role in shaping  our future. Dreaming is very important for everyone because when we dream then only we fill fulfill it and then only we will be successful in our life like everyone I have also seen a dream for my future I am currently studying in BCA ( Bachelors’s in computer application ) second year. I want to become a cyber security expert. Along with increasing digitalization, threats in cybercrime are increasing. Cyber crime includes crimes like hacking, black mailing, credit card theft and fraud etc. Cyber security in which security in which security is provided to the data of digital devices.

I know it is not easy but not impossible either. I am working hard towards my dream. I have always wanted to be independent and on my feet as soon as possible, and want to get a job as a cyber security specialist in a good company, this is possible only if I study cyber security in a good and reputed institute. To fulfill my dream, I have to set small goal that will take me to my goal.

How will I achieve my dream

The goal should be such that thinking about it fills you with enthusiasm and inspiration and you do not need anyone to inspire you. Once taking one step at a time can help you reach your dream. Although my ultimate goal is to become a cyber security expert. I have set goals for my coming days, months and years so that I can achieve my goal. I am currently studying in BCA second year. My target for coming months is to get 90% marks.

I want to study cyber security in South Korea. Which I will do through global Korea scholarship I will apply for GKS after completion of my BCA studies global Korean scholarship is a south Korean government initiative which provides students which allows students from all over the world to study which is conducted by NIIED. I will try my best to get selected in Global Korean scholarship. To get selected Global Korean Scholarship, one should be strong in studies as well as extracurricular.

For this, I participate in all online competition every month and I try my best to win in it, I spend my remaining time in learning new courses and new things. After getting selected in the Global  Korean Scholarship, the Korean government takes all the students to Korea and then there is a 1-year Korean language study. You have to study and when you do the language course, then you have to stay there and study according to your subject, I can speak Korean easily when I go there, so I am learning Korean language from now, I know that I going aboard alone and studying there alone is not easy but I want to do it I want to make myself worthy so that I do not need anyone.


Similarly with hard work and dedication every person is trying to achieve the goal in their life and achieving. There is a lot of difficulty in achieving the goal of my life. Sometimes I also feel very bad when I get hurt or lose somewhere, then I get the inner motivation to move forward and do something. There are some people in life who always try to bring you down, but ignoring their words, you should work hard for your goal in peace and then by achieving the goal, show them that you too are no less.

By: Diksha Sonvani

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