Do You Know the History of Music!


Topping amongst the rattling discoveries, music has made a huge impact on human minds, and continues to stir our intellect till date without fail. One of a popular story from middle ages credits the Greek philosopher Pythagoras as the inventor of music, whereas it’s often stated that Thomas Edison was first person to record sound and by, extension music, but actually recorded by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville a French printerand bookseller who is also named for invention of phonautograph the earliest, unseasonably known sound recording gadget. 

The first music is said to have traced path from Africa, but only at around 800 BCE was ,when first recovered piece of recorded music was found which was written in cuneiform and was a religious hymn specifically stating Hurrian hymn number six .Hurrian hymn number six is contemplated to be the world’s earliest melody, but the most aged musical composition to have survived in its entirety as first century A.D Greek tune ‘Seikilos epitaph ‘this song was found thrived on an ancient marble column used to mark a woman’s grave site in Turkey .

As time is changing ,situations are changing ,lifestyle and day routines are not the same anymore. Everybody around is deeply committed in their own affairs that they seem to be unbothered to happenings around .Amidst the over ornating schedule people often miss to live their life to the fullest , spending quality time with loved ones is now becoming a dream afar. Attending to cues and worries that life imposes on us seems to be a matter addressed by oneself . Lacking any support or a shoulder to lean on, on hard times , people tend to treat themselves by diverting their enormously thinking machine the mind to lighter something ,so thanks to inventions and non-stop development because that something can now be named music.  
Toe-tappingly likeable swaying our minds from the very obnoxious condition to the most sweetest times music tends to heal us in every other way. 

Betwixt the cacophonic life experiences, passing through ruts and potholes that life places ahead of us music indeed serves as a platform to rest ,ignite our energy again and keep on moving on the journey called life. 

Consciousremains no more the same, instead of healing others ,hurting others is becoming a major trend nowadays , at an earlier era in Hopis a Native American nation if a student ,when asked a question regarding any subject, was unable to answer it the rest of the students keep mum in order to respect the Dignity of the first student eventhough they might know the answer, it’s because it was said barbaric to advance oneself at the expense of others here peers, but now if as student is not able to answer , there would be hundreds of other hands raising up to humiliate and take advantage of the unfortunate student who didn’t make it, they do it in order to snatch the attention of teachers and downgrade their fellow peers, which gives them a sort of uplifting and proud feeling about themselves. All we can do is hope, hope that one day they’d be able to understand what legends meant in their quotes, at the very least the golden rule by Mother Teresa that states to love and be loved ,to give until it hurts and the list goes on. All this daily life experiences cruelty, onslaught, ostracism by the society that we face and even worse no one to share to ,at the end we search for peace vibes that make us feel better, tunes that rings our mind from worst to better then to best ,the melodies that hits us in a way better .
In fact music do work wonders. Songs reduce stress ,tension the most ,symptoms of depression, which now is not an uncommon thing. Scientists across the world have found that music helps release a feel-good chemical dopamine . Study states that It was about nine percent higher when volunteers listened to music which indeed is very good evidence regarding the effect it has on us .
Music is something that barges into our emotions without any limitation it tends to attract people more ,those who feel themselves alone and need someone to attend to them , so they search similar types of emotions in songs, which can accompany them giving them a message, a hope to live on. It helps provide catharsis that is a sense of relief. Listening to the music that you enjoy at the start of the day can provide positive vibes throughout hours . As Clint fastwood’s famous movie line says “That would make my day”.

Music has extremes, It can throw us over the top of head and can also bring us to the depth of peace and serenity, it can even pull us out of birthday blues which now is not uncommon ,as usual during the very special day people don’t seem to forget make us blue and grey .Music is the universal language that hides down deepest secrets ,deepest message and is perceived by the one who owns the state ,very same as the writer.

According to the mere exposure effect proposed by Robert Zajonc in 1960s people tend to get more attracted to things that they are more familiar with ,they choose those with which they have related past experiences, in a similar way people tend to develop a habit of listening to the same music over and over again, It’s because they tend to relate it with their life experiences and choose to stay in the familiar environment better, rather than wandering bewildered .

As Ortiz had once said “people like to listen to songs repeatedly because that helps them to recover a certain feeling”. Science has shown that an individual who can be found in a state of constant happiness, joy, peace, calmness resulting in lesser health related parameters that may bother him ,have listening to music as a task in their to do list ,they listen to their preferred songs , a time they pick out for themselves ,a time with the world’s best partner that they could ever find ,that is oneself .
Talking of the past and referring jotted records, one can find that earlier music was developed by clapping hands. This could have been linked to the earliest musical instruments , but when somebody realized that ,smacking stones or sticks together does not pain your hand much, but instead produces a melody so unique . 

Indeed music fills our lives with immeasurable positives, but it’s sensible to keep in mind the old saying ” excess of everything is bad” so limit must always be maintained while being lured by the fantasies around, focus on your path that you have to trudge down,so that you can live your desired life,and as Legend once said “if you have an idea that you genuinely think is good then don’t let any idiot talk you out of it” ,It’s because ultimately we are all doing this to live the life of our dreams .

By Akshara Rajan


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