Custom Software Development With PHP Frameworks in 2023: Symphony vs Laravel

Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
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When it comes to developing bespoke custom software development, the use of PHP frameworks is by far the most popular alternative. There areindeeda plethora of PHP frameworks to choose from, but Laravel and Symphony seem to get the most attention from programmers.

It might be difficult to determine if Laravel or Symphony is the better framework for your software project. Each offers benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of. In most cases, a company will choose a PHP framework according to how well-known and well-liked it is among the company’s development community.

Laravel vs Symphony 2023

The Fundamentals of Laravel

Laravel is one of the best options available since it is both free and open-source. It builds together a web app by reusing components of other frameworks. It was created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell as a replacement for the deficient CodeIgniter framework, which lacked basic security measures such as authentication and authorization.

Laravel is an all-encompassing framework that includes many useful features, such as authentication, authorization, email verification, encryption, hashing, password reset, and more. It uses the Model-View-Controller pattern. Its widespread use attests to the strength and efficiency of this method.

Laravel is the market leader intemplate selection. To simplify interactions with the database, it employs the Blade template engine and Eloquent ORM. Laravel also has the Artisan command-line tool, which is a powerful time-saver.

The Fundamentals of Symphony custom software development

Symphony is a PHP framework and collection of components that is both flexible and scalable. Its popularity is shown by the fact that many other PHP frameworks utilize Symphony components in the background, and it may be as basic or complicated as required.

Symphony relies on the Doctrine Object Relational Mapper for communicating with databases, Twig as a templating engine, and itscommand line interface (CLI) tool for building applications.

There are sizable Symphony and Laravel user bases, which means both frameworks are constantly being updated and supported by a plethora of developers who also provide vast online resources for learning and getting started. That’s why these frameworks and tools are so popular among programmers.

PHP Frameworks: The Pros and Cons of Laravel and Symphony



  • It’s always up-to-date with the newest PHP improvements.
  • It provides API interaction between apps and the most popular email providers.
  • It can also work with a wide range of other programs and libraries.
  • It has a big community of complementary programs.


  • Mobile-optimized Laravel applications may be hefty.
  • Updates aren’t always compatible, so updating Laravel to a newer version might break your code.



  • Symphony is popular among developers, and its usage is widespread. Community-wise, it’s among the biggest options available.
  • Since popular platforms like Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish all utilize Symphony, we can confidently suggest it.
  • Symphony is regularly improved to satisfy the needs of web designers and programmers.


  • Symphony may seem more complicated compared to other PHP frameworks.
  • Since there are no original components, it depends on other technologies and may slow down app loading.
  • Pre-building code for different use scenarios takes extra time because of additional testing.


Firstly, both applications are developed in PHP, making them cross-platform and hence usable on a wide range of computer systems.Both support multiple users and languages. Also, provide access to the application’s underlying architecture, interface patterns, and text search capabilities.


PHP Laravel is a modern technology that provides many advantages without compromising application functionality. Mostdevelopers rely on the Laravel framework because of its object-relational mapping (ORM), routing, caching, authentication, and attractive template design. This PHP framework has been used to develop at least one million websites.

Symphony is one of the most popular and widely used PHP backend frameworks. In terms of the number of websites built on the framework, it lags behind PHP Laravel. The bulk of websites built using Symphony is in the healthcare industry.

When IsLaravel a Superior Alternative to Symphony?

Laravel appears appropriate for instances in which you need to develop your custom software project quickly and cheaply. With the Laravel download, you’ll have access to a number of convenient pre-built solutions. However, not all options will be advantageous to you, and you may have never employed some of them. This framework simplifies permissions considerably; you must establish a database and models during migration.

One of the major advantages of using Laravel is that it enables users to reduce the amount of code that is too complicated and long. It is about saving you time, money, and the emotional health of your software engineer.

When Symphony Is a Superior Alternative to Laravel?

Symphony is a great option for building complex, enterprise-level software. It’s a bigger cost commitment, but it’s worthwhile if you want to tweak the settings on your program. The latest versions of Symphony, provide simply the essentials and let you add only the components you really need.

Since this framework is modular, modifications may be made extensively at the bundle level without impacting other parts of the project.

Symphony’s performance relies on the speed of individual components; hence, careful selection may be helpful if you’re hoping to get a quicker overall framework.

Wrapping Up

To help with PHP development, both PHP Laravel and PHP Symphony provide useful features and tools. If you’re just getting started with a project like a startup product or have a few smaller projects, PHP Laravel might be the best solution for you.

It’s also worth noting that many programmers have extensive experience with PHP Laravel. Therefore, it’s easier to expand the project that has more Laravel developers working on it. However, PHP Symphony, which is fast, scalable, dependable, adaptive, and sustainable, may be the better choice if you have a long-term, complex project.

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