Quick Tips to Help You Perform Well at JEE Advanced Exam

JEE Advanced Exam
JEE Advanced Exam
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Every single year, one of the main Indian Institutes of Technology conducts the JEE Advanced exam to offer an opportunity to the applicants to secure a seat in one of the IITs. The applicants who wish to crack JEE Advanced exam should definitely be aware of all the details of the exam so as to prepare a workable plan. Of course, you can join up the best coaching institute for JEE advanced to ensure that you are preparing in a strong way.

However, this post is going to share with you some points that are going to be really advantageous for you. You don’t need to get intimidated by this exam. It is sad that many students feel that they cannot do well at this exam and hence, they don’t even try for IITs.

The best results, however, get accomplished only by trying. Thus, every engineering aspirant should definitely try to crack the JEE Advanced exam. The exam is not at all going to be a cake walk, but cracking it is even not impossible, and this post is going to take you through some points to help you as already mentioned above.

Quick peep into JEE advanced

JEE Advanced is one of the most prestigious national-level engineering entrance exams in the country. The exam is quite significant because successful students can easily get a chance to study in the finest possible technical institutes in the country under the proper guidance of the elite brains of the nation.

Since time has progressed, newer IITs were introduced, taking the complete tally to the count of twenty three. The seven oldest zonal IITs are quite responsible for conducting the JEE Advanced exam to simply inaugurate the finest possible brains among young students into one of these institutes. It is true that the IIT alumni have massively impacted society through their knowledge over the many years. Thus, it is critical for the best institutes of India to generate bachelors and masters of technology who can simply and smoothly carry the legacy forward. Thus, it is clear that JEE Advanced exam is significant exam.

Solve maximum possible numerical problems 

JEE Advanced exam concentrates on testing the comprehension, reasoning and even analytical ability of the candidates. The questions asked in the three main subjects of Physics, Chemistry and even Mathematics are of quite advanced level and concentrate on the application of the concepts rather than simply the concepts themselves. Thus, solving manifold numerical problems is the basic need to prepare for JEE Advanced.

Know about your strengths and weaknesses

For scoring a good or even a perfect mark, being a candidate, you must be prepared perfectly as well. This simply means keeping an eye on your strengths and weaknesses and trying to avoid simply making the same mistake twice. Errors take place once you are not sure about yourself, and doubt is the last thing any candidate would wish while attempting questions in the exam. Thus, keeping a proper track of mistakes and rectifying them is the finest possible way to attain perfection. Of course, if you have been enrolled in a training or class for JEE exam, you would have the chance to clear all your doubts time and again with the experts teaching you. Hence, this way you can be able to track your overall strengths and weaknesses.

You should have regular targets

Setting regular targets are going to help you mainly in two ways, one, the entire syllabus gets divided into short-term goals that require to be achieved daily, and two, the concentration of the students remains firm until the long-term goal get achieved. This simply means that it is one of the finest possible strategies to beat the competition. The regular targets can be in the shape of the number of topics to get covered or the number of questions to get solved on a regular basis. Of course, if you are in a coaching institution for your prep, you would get to find many of such regular targets to fulfil. And believe it or not, regular targets keep you on track and perform well.

Create a Subject-wise Study Plan

Different applicants have varied levels of command over different types of subjects. Someone may be great at Physics and Mathematics and require more effort in the Chemistry, or it could also be the other way round. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate a major part of the total study duration to the subject that demands more attention. This does not really mean that the applicants get carried away and concentrate so much on one subject that they lose track of simply the other.

Have a Positive Outlook

JEE Advanced is definitely not the end of the world, but that does not really mean it should be taken lightly. Moreover, in case a candidate appears for JEE Advanced, then it is natural that they have actually qualified the JEE Main exam after beating lakhs of competitors. This simply means that a positive mindset can help accomplish even the steepest of goals under any circumstance. Hence, applicants should always keep a proper positive outlook for the finest possible results. The point is if you have a negative mindset, you may not be able to give your best and find it becoming a problem for your performance.

Make the most of previous year papers

This is the most followed type of preparation strategy, not only for JEE Advanced but even for many other national-level competitive examinations. This is for the reason that solving previous years’ question papers gives lots of valued insights about the exam. The question paper pattern, even types of questions, preference of topics, even subject-wise distribution of different questions, and a lot more important information can be accumulated by reviewing previous years’ question papers.


To sum up, JEE Advanced is not going to be an easy paper but the good news is that you can do really well at it if you follow the points discussed.  If you are dedicated, intelligent, focused and preparing hard; you can nail it for sure.

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