1. Facts: – Do you know, students who drink water during exams achieve 5 percent higher marks than those who do not?

2. Facts: – Chewing gum during exams helps to recall both long and short term memory.

3. Facts: – Meditation helps increasing gray matter in the human brain; even escalates more bulk of IQ level.

Imagine, if facts are the one to solve every hitch, then why still half of the people are unknown to deal with excessive stress? Yet the entirety mistrusts the reality and termed it as a myth. While some define it to be a playful art with the sentiments and emotions of many students who are tired off to fight with exam pressure as they believe it as to demons that will snatch their breath and bring spoiler in their life. It will lie to disabuse the facts without proving. Even constrain to create hate comments with the use of power instead of maneuvering the actions smartly. For example, fact one and two enunciate to overcome fear at the last point of time by constructing determined personage to reach the ultimate goal that took apex time. Whereas fact three accounts to prevail certain truth which can’t be diminished together with the acceptance of majority even seen rare practiced. Your mind might contradict to ask the relation of meditation with increasing gray matter in the human brain as well as the rise of IQ level. What if not medicate rather than meditate. But exam stress is something that by medication one can cease to a certain point not separate its chapter. How stress affect the human brain?


Well, the stress is the creation of fear of several students which we call fear psychosis, indulged by the policies of schools in a motive to pressurise until they don’t accept the defeat. Normal education is an easy way to deliver but to repair smart and intelligent individuals in the globalised society, professional trainers being masters in specific fields are absolutely necessary. It is a shameful thing to point out that the education system of India is under process and is not yet listed in the top 10 countries with a better scope of reliable learning and qualitative structure that can uplift the career growth. We can’t blame people who seek better jobs and establish in foreign countries like the USA, as our country is unable to produce human resources with competitive minds.

Is Exam a Part of Improvised Education?

So, rather deliberating the contradiction it is important to state the good remarks about the exam. Probably there are many haters of Henry A Fischel but smart people understand how exams he solved to gladden the low esteems, assemble high ambitious with competitive personalities. The significance is to excerpt real skills, talents to lessen the fear of rejection and to improve memory power. It not only outlook the analytic skills but also strengthen leadership quality. Appearance in respective exams boosts the confidence even appreciates the way we are faring in comparison to our inclination and potential. Furthermore, scholarship exams that are held every year provide opportunities by removing the financial barrier along with promoting the minority and backward communities. Such as Pre-matric examination, Post-matric examination for SC, ST, ONGC Scholarship for OBC, AICPA- Minority students, Jackie Robinson Foundation for minority high school seniors, STEW-African engineers, Aga Khan Foundation-poorest and marginalised society, Girl Scouts- Boosting leadership quality in girls, NAACP- for coloured students in USA, etc are some of the scholarship organisations to uplift the marginalized and minority community. Exam specifies the concept of improvisation where teachers face several challenges on how to focus on communication and providing a solid knowledge of analytics, coding, etc, and meet future challenges. Canadian Teachers have a big responsibility while planning for exam papers. As they strictly need to follow the norms along with set high IQ based questions to extract the talents.

 As we are clear about the changes that arrived to amend the new education system. The system followed from 1992 to till date was broadcast by Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It highlighted the policies that promote scholarships, all entrance exams at the national level like UPSC, JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT. According to new guidelines board exams can choose from multiple subjects depending on their respects and get better results to pass the corresponding subject with much-increased flexibility.

Let’s Discuss Some New Form of Guidelines for NEET Exam:-

Newly made guidelines not by education ministry but hopefully to innovate new ideas that can able to bring some changes in the society.

Introduction About NEET Examination: –

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted by the National Talent Agency to get a seat in government colleges based on the undergraduate medical courses i.e. MBBS and BDS. Initially, it was conducted by CBSE board till 2018 and formerly known as AIPMT till 2013. Under NEET, qualified students are approached to many private colleges and in fact, some study the course for medicine, veterinary, and homeopathy.66, 000 seats are available both for BDS and medical colleges. It appears every one year. Age limit is from 17 to 25years for general category while SC/ST/OBC is from 17 to 30 years. Students who passed class 12 exams with marks above 50 % are allowed to appear. Even an undergraduate BSC with any two subjects from an Indian university can apply for the exam. 15% quota seats for overseas Indian people, NRI, PIO are provided but Jammu and Kashmir are not eligible for quota seats. High scores lie to choose a top and better colleges that come under NEET. There are 355 medical colleges and 125 BDS colleges available around India that approve for admission on basis of NEET score. MBBS is 5 years course with 12-month additional internship. BHMS, BAMS, BUMS comes under NEET.

Exam Pattern:- 

  • The question paper comprises 4 sections. Sections A, B, C are multiple choices and Section D is subjective questions.
  • Note that the subjective answers must be to the point. Maximum 30 words.
  • The total question paper carries 80 question numbers. Aggregate marks are 320 and “-1” is for negative answers.
  • Physics -10 questions-40 marks, chemistry -20 questions -80 marks, biology-30 questions-120 marks. While Section D -20 questions-80 marks.
  • There will be five additional questions added in section 4 if they can’t answer the following 20 questions will be a bonus mark for them. 
  • Instead of 80 marks, they will receive 20 marks.
  • Bonus questions can be answered by everyone.
  • Time duration of 3 hours’ i.e.180 minutes.
Cut Off For 2020


50 percentile


45 percentile

Below Poverty Level

40 percentile

Students with Physical Disabilities

40 percentile

National and International winners in any fields

40 percentile

How To Prepare For NEET:-

  • Read NCERT books thoroughly where 80 percent will be common
  • Solve analytical and reasoning questions, related to blood relation for the subjective part.
  • Critical questions may be asked so refer some additional books which will be described below.
  • Mock test exams can boost up confidence. Prepare after every completion of chapters.
  • You will have an additional 5 months to prepare for reasoning questions and revise your chapters.
  • Online exams and classes are better options to build up your smartness.
  • Try to underline the points which are important and might be asked
  • See 20 years question paper
  • If you are attentive in classes and follow NCERT you can crack more than 250 marks easily to get seats in government institutions.
  • Follow only the extra points given on the reference book and note it.

Reference Books:-

NCERT is must but for additional questions and subjective reasoning questions suggestive books are given below:-

For Biology:- 

  • Modern ABC by MBD groups
  • MTG NEET fingerprint MCQ book
  • Notes from online classes
  • Objective books of Pradeep and Dinesh

For Chemistry:-

  • By author Pradeep
  • Organic chemistry by OP Tandon
  • MTG objective

For Physics:-

  • DC Pandey
  • MTG Objective
  • Mock tests
  •  Pradeep Series

For Reasoning: –

  • Logical and reasoning by S.Chand.
  • See some YouTube videos for blood relations.

Syllabus: –

1) Physics:-

            CLASS 11

  • Laws of motion – 3%
  • Work, power, and energy – 2%
  • Fluid mechanics – 6%
  • Thermodynamics – 5%
  • Kinematics – 8%
  • Wave – 2%
  • Kinetic theory- 6%
  • Gravitation -4%
  • Oscillation – 3%
  • Kinetic theory -3%
  • Property of solid -4%

          CLASS 12

  • Electrostatics – 10%
  • Current electricity – 5%
  • Magnetic effects and magnetism – 5%
  • Electromagnetic waves – 5%
  • Optics – 10%
  • Atom and nuclei – 8%
  • Semiconductors – 4%
  • Dual nature of matter – 3%
  • Electromagnetic induction and alternate current -4%

2) Chemistry:-

                CLASS 11

  • Organic chemistry -18%
  • Basic chemistry – 5%
  • Atomic structure – 5%
  • Periodic table – 3%
  • Hydrogen – 3%
  • S block – 4%
  • P block – 6%
  • Hydrocarbons – 5%
  • Chemical bonding – 5%
  • States of matter -3%
  • Thermodynamics – 4%

          CLASS 12

  • Electrochemistry – 3%
  • Solid-state -5%
  • Solution- 4%
  • Chemical kinetics – 5%
  • Surface chemistry – 2%
  • S,p,d,f block – 5%
  • Isolation of elements – 2%
  • Haloalkanes – 4%
  • Alcohols and ethers – 3%
  • Aldehydes and ketones -5%

3) Biology:-

           CLASS 11

  • Diversity in living organisms -10%
  • Human physiology – 8%
  • Cell structure – 9%
  • Plant physiology – 12%
  • Structural organization in plants- 6%

               CLASS 12

  • Reproduction -10%
  • Biotechnology -14%
  • Genetics – 10%
  • Biology and human welfare – 15%
  • Ecology and environment – 5%

Exam Guidelines:-

  • Students must report before 45 minutes of examination. Gate will be closed after 30 minutes of a warning bell.
  • Any dress code is allowed. Calculators can be used in Physics and Chemistry sections.
  • Students will be allotted seats according to their birth date. 
  •  Indiscipline and Chaos should be avoided.
  • Strict Digital Scrutiny for the candidates before entering the examination hall. 
  • After handing over the OMR sheet the candidates can leave the examination hall.
  • Students must carry admit card and photograph.
  • OMR sheets as well as the Question Paper will be given after the final bell.

Exam Myths and Negations: –

  • Myths using capsules or drugs than actually practicing or meditating
  • Specialized milk powders, T-shirts, are worn during the exam.
  • You need to study 24 hours the whole day
  • There is more need for intelligence than hard workers.
  • Shortcuts for passing exams.
  • Study at the last minute or under pressure is helpful
  • Skipping sleep while preparing for the exam
  • The best time to study is in the morning.

When we think to make better individuals it must involve a person who is not stressful and being confident. Suicide attempts incredibly increasing day by day for the fear of failure and rejection. Pending chapters might harm and compel to pressurise in the last minute. Rejection leads to destruction of hope in him and makes difficulties for him to begin with a scratch. Itisha Nagar a professor from DU expressed her opinion on how the education system is degrading day by day. Only to satisfy the students, easy questions with selected topics are assemble out, so that they can achieve highest marks. This doesn’t show how merit someone is but lower his intelligence on coping up with multiple challenges in the future. For example;

Concise syllabus notes +modelling papers+ selected questions+ class works =complete toolkit for maximum A* marks. In Nigeria, where many malpractices are observed but still no action is taken. While in China, an unlawful act leads to 7 years of imprisonment. So, unlawful acts during the exam must lead to a suspension for the whole year as a punishment.

Proper counselors and training to handle an exam pressure should be provided to all children. Students must study for knowledge gaining than for obtaining marks. Parents should encourage their children and provide them with basic and advanced learning. Mock tests help to prepare better for any exam. If a student is attentive and determined he can crack everything that is left in the world. It’s important to fight against problems to evolve a brave citizen of the country. Teachers must go for planning and consuming more ideas to put forward in any extreme situation. There is no kind of evaluation made for the Indian education system for PISA to know the knowledge gaining process of 15-year-old children. It connotes need to adapt more skilled artificial intelligence that will be an easier task to grip machine system. A number of scholarships is required to grow up more intelligence. The ancient education system was based on a curriculum that practiced higher education comprised of law, medicine, art, rituals, religions, astrology, etc. Debate and discussion are the part of advanced learning that follows by selection and if the teacher was satisfied, they conclude the courses. The modern education system is trying to understand the necessity of multilingual education. Hence, there is more to learn about the ancient education system in the recent time. Losing touch with reality leads to destruction even though escaping from reality is bitter but a usual process that turned out grim. Nevertheless forgetting the truth hurts them and people surrounding them.

By Sukanya Bhattacharyya, Barpeta Road


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