Career in Veterinary Sciences

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Veterinary sciences refer to the science of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases in animals. Moreover, it also involves the practices related to increasing the yield of farm animals and care of the domesticated breed of pets. It is a very diverse field which runs parallel to the medical profession and often crosses over with it in several ways. Anyone who is enthusiastic about animal well being can take up veterinary sciences as their career. Also, when it is broadly recommended to attend what you feel like, you will always be interested, among other things, in how much do vets make. Well, be aware that it is a rewarding job as still being about the health of domestic, livestock, and wildlife animals There are several job opportunities available for the veterinarians which are as follows

A field with unlimited prospects

  • Post Graduate (With or without JRF)- ICAR or State PG
  • Ph.D., ARS, other countries (Higher education) (PG required)
  • Government V.O
  • Agri. University (JTA, TA, V.O., JRF, SRF, AP, lecturer in polytechnic college)
  • NGO
  • Management sector
  • Dairy Sector
  • Mobile V.D.
  • Govt./ Civil services- GPSC, UPSC
  • Pet Clinic/ Small animal practice (PP)
  • Large animal practice (PP)
  • RVC (Army)
  • Forest/ RFO/VO (Zoo, Sanctuary, NP)
  • Poultry sector
  • Animal insurance companies
  • Marketing Executive Manager
  • Municipal Corporation (Mega cities)
  • Slaughter House
  • CRO/ Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Semen station
  • Foreign Countries Job


  • ·         The Veterinary Council of India is a statutory body which regulates veterinary practice in India.
  • ·         Degree requirements include B.V.Sc & A.H after 10+2 in science (biology)
  • ·         Veterinarians have the advantage of having multiple job opportunities in both the private and government setting
  • Find out more about the topic through Veterinary council of India and Jobs in India

Private practice

  • Companion animal practice– dogs, cats and horses
  • Food animal practice: cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens.
  • Exotic animal practice: birds, amphibians, fish, and pocket pets (mice, hamsters, gerbils etc.)
  • Specialty practices: Birds only, Dogs only, Cats only, Equine only, etc.

Livestock entrepreneurship

There are enormous entrepreneurshipopportunities which include livestock farming business, production of raw materials related to livestock farms and livestock related processing industries. Some of these have been highlighted in detail

  1. Dog breeder

Dog breeding is an ever-green field with potential opportunities in urban areas. Dogs with good pedigree record fetches good price and the veterinarians can readily exploit this opportunity. Combining dog breeding with veterinary consultancy services offer excellent earning opportunity

  • Farm consultant

Veterinarians with skill and knowledge can earn well in specialized dairy farms, stud farms, breeder farms, hatchery, sheep / goat farms.

  • Livestock farms

The veterinarians can start their own livestock farms with their vast technical knowledge.

  • Feed manufacture

The veterinary graduates can start their own feed mill units for livestock and poultry species.

  • Fodder supplier

The main constraint in the growth of livestock production is the inadequacy of nutritious fodder. Purchase fertile land and produce quality fodder and supply them to the nearby livestock farmers. They can also start seed/ fodder banks in the potential Fodder Supplier areas.

  • Farm equipment manufacturer

Manufacturing of the farm equipment is important for all farm related activities which include chaff cutter, milking machine, feeding manager, etc. are needed. 

  • Hatchery

Though starting a hatchery requires higher investment, it offers good return.

  • livestock products processor

Veterinarians can start milk parlor, where they can sell processed milk and milk products.Value addition to the livestock products such as milk, egg, meat, and fish have huge profit potential. Value of the products get increased many folds during processing, and thereby provide excellent returns.

  • Contract farming

Contract Farming Contract farming is an emerging system where the livestock farmers are given all the inputs such as chicks/animals, feed, medicines, technical inputs, etc. Farmers have to rear the chicks/animals and the integrator will take care of the marketing activities. Veterinarians can join together and venture into contract farming. Being technical savvy would help them in getting loans, maintaining farm business, and marketing the products.

  1. Leather Industry

Leather industry is so far unexplored by the Veterinarians. The skin and hide from animals are usually purchased by the intermediaries in the villages at a throw away prices and are sold to the processors at a huge margin. The processors add value to the raw skin and make products and export/ sell them at a very high price. The veterinarians can perform the role of this intermediaries.

  1. Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry

It is also a lucrative opportunity but needs huge investment. After working for some years in the pharmaceutical industry, veterinarians can start a small venture which can later be expanded to the needs of local farmers.

Educational Institutions

There are several educational institutions offering degree of B.V.Sc & A.H (Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry). Anyone with science stream (biology) in 10+2 eligible for the course provided he/she qualifies the state and/or national level entrance exams. Besides the state organizations, Veterinary Council of India (VCI) also conducts an All India Pre Veterinary Test for UG/PG courses. Moreover, those interested in higher studies or research can pursue a PhD degree in this field.


Veterinary sciences is a reputed field and veterinarians are often paid well depending on the job profile. Moreover, there are government jobs available to those who qualify the exams and hence remains an attractive field for many career aspirants.

Authors: Dr. Varun Asediya, Dr. Jigar Raval, Dr. Pranav Anjaria

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