Blogging and some tips

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A blog is easy to access. It can be able to provide a piece of news to most of the people within seconds a ton of people have access to blog nowadays blogging is such a familiar and a consistent one in this decade either for professional use or for a passionate one from small business to multinational business there are various blog niches some of them are travel food health and fitness educational business etc …

blog domains areNow available free hosted by Google but in WordPress, the domains are to be bought from the hosting services.

For a small business, an easy way to gain customers is blogging about their product so that people can easily know about your product and buy them.

What is blogging exactly?

Blogging is exactly an article which is an easily understandable language that talks about a specific product or an incident or a place or anything in this world simply we say it is a way of expressing our thoughts.

How to blog?

A person who wants to blog can easily do it within seconds without even investing a single penny.The only thing you need is the Internet. The next way is also a simple one but you should invest a small amount of money for buying a domain now everything is done what to do next?

If you love food you can become a food blogger. if you know about health you can write health-related articles. if you know cooking the right recipes .you can write in your own English without some normal grammatical errors authentic and genuine content brings more value and substance to your work.

How to gain more visitors to your blog?

If you are seeking for more people to visit your blog the best way to do is SEO which is nothing but Search Engine Optimization it helps to make Google know about your website and will rank in the Google search results the other way is marketing in marketing you can do easily through emails by using some apps like MailChimp etc .other marketing tools like LinkedIn marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and Twitter marketing can also be done to gain more visitors to your website some of the other ways are creating ads and also creating accounts in Twitter Instagram,etc… the other way by is by joining Facebook groups and posting about your blog by doing this many people will easily know about your blog Also using Reddit, Medium, Quora you can gain more visitors to your blogs which will help in gaining more higher positions in Google search results.

In Reddit, you can join your related subreddits and can post your website link or by sharing posts about your blog in Kwara you can answer questions related to your blog and also gain more followers to your blog and gain more share shares to your website and your website.

In medium two you can write various articles and then you can add a footnote link or a hyperlink to your website.

SEO will rank posts for higher search rankings.

How to monetizing blogs?

Blocks are now ready with more views we can monetize our blog by simple methods some of them are affiliate marketing Google AdSense Adsterra, Selling your product on your blog, etc…

Through all the above methods you can easily earn money.

Google AdSense and Adsterra

The main difference between these two isAdSense gains a lot of time to get approval but in Adsterra it’s easy to get approval. After approval easily we can enable monetization.Adsense has some rules to follow and has to have some strict regulations to get approval since there are many bloggers growing day by day. according to some results they say that those who are applying for Adsense they will expect that your blog should contain

  • Disclaimer
  • Contact us
  • About
  • Privacy policy.

Affiliate marketing:

It is one of the famous ways to gain more money all you have to do is market other products on your website some of those famous websites that you can affiliate market on your website are Amazon Flipkart etc…

The main thing to be followed on your blog is “don’t be the 100th person to convey the same message to people” if the message has been conveyed already to the people then better try another topic people always look for new content and unrepeated messages from you.

Author: Priyanka.A


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