Bhedaghat: A Beautiful Tourist attraction


A couple of holidays and an awesome weather. Perfect to be off on a tour! Exquisite beauty of nature, hubs of cultural heritage, resorts, lakes are some of the emblematic sights of a tourist place. “Travelling it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” as it is said is truly justified. Visiting places are like magnets attracting multitudes from different terrains of this vast planet to stand as a witness to their grandeur. A splendid place to visit can add to the enjoyment of our excursion just like a drizzle of chocolate over ice cream adds to its richness! One such splendid place is in Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur is certainly one of the top places to visit on the bucket list of travelers when they visit the Heart of India. This city also referred to as the Culture Capital of the State is well-noted for its unique speciality— Bhedaghat. A shiny gem embedded in Jabalpur, the excellent time to visit it is from September to march.

Bhedaghat is stationed near river Narmada. A coastal place is mostly known for its water magnificence. Water Goddess has blessed Bhedaghat with the beauty of waters in the contour of the spectacular Dhuandhar falls born of sacred Narmada. Extending to a height of 30 m, these falls provide a view as of emerging smoke which lands it to the name ‘Dhuandhar’ as “Dhuan” means smoke. The white marbles over which these falls flow are adorned with a glittering silvery tint when moonlight descends over them. Besides, having a boat ride in these falls during sunset is a formidable experience as we witness the marbles dyed yellow when the diffused sunlight settles on them. These marbles surround the falls.

The scenic charm of a river seems incomplete without a rocky attraction bordering it. The Marble Rocks portray just the same role. Featured in some Bollywood creations and Indian television programmes, this place has just that enticing cinematic look. A gorge of gleaming beauty is created after the river whittles soft marbles. This hundred-foot rock chain which grabs eyeballs stretches to eight kilometers in length. Marble Rocks are acclaimed for slowly taking form of deities’ animals which seems to be miraculous. Ropeways or cable cars have found a corner here and the tourists can even view its allure from above.The moonlight showing its presence here on Purnima night is believed to have magical curative properties. Apart from natural sights, there is also a historical sight present at Bhedaghat.

Any place standing as an evidence to the period which belonged to our ancestors is worth its weight in gold. One such evidence which is a hotspot of excellence in artistry of the ancient period is the Chausath Yogini temple. This religious landmark is an example of the exquisite skill of the tenth century artisans. The temple complex, made of coarse granite, is the abode of Goddess Durga with chausath or sixty-four yoginis. Yogini, a female attendant of Goddess Durga, has a fiery passion with which she slays illusion through insight and liberation. Each Yogini depicts a particular posture. There is a pathway of one fifty steps leading to the complex which constitutes of ninety five shrines in a circular course with each shrine for a Yogini and a main shrine where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are seen riding Nandi, the pious bull.

Exploring a place along waters can be difficult as there isn’t much scope of visit on barefoot. But boating is just a yeoman service in this case which provides guided tours on river Narmada for visiting Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar falls. Talking of food, there are not much diversified food choices but there are small snack stalls scattered in that area. The food is a miscellany of north and south Indian fashions of cooking and is not too spicy. Bhedaghat is also not a shop till you drop place but it possesses some small shops with wares of local materials and sculptures and decoratives made of limestone and soapstone.

Bhedaghat easily charms with you with its natural scenery. Your travel logue to Jabalpur will be flooded with the fascinating memories of visiting Bhedaghat. This place truly makes your trip a bon voyage!

Author: Harshita Dubey



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