Bachpana Hi Sahi!!!

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It is said that Child inside should be lively always. We are trained from the childhood when we enter to adolescence that “You are matured at this time, don’t behave like a kid”. What is maturity? “Not being innocent” and “Greet Cruelty”? Don’t be afraid to be a grown up kid at times — let your security down and just be. We have an axiom that kids are living form of God so what happens when we become adult and then elder and then old?

This world is very beautiful and incredible place. We are sent here to make it more beautiful and amazing. In this world there are many things to experience so do not waste your time as possibilities of adventures and learning’s are waiting for you. You are your own hero and you have capacity to change this world with your purity. Take responsibility of your mistakes and rectify them, forgive other people’s mistake as nobody commits mistakes intentionally. You don’t know what is going on in anyone’s life. So treat everyone the way you treat your soul, give respect, trust and most significantly love everyone. As Pure Love is scarce in this universe and everyone needs it. You also will need it; don’t be shy to ask for it. Be like a kid and dance like there is no other day, sing with all your heart and potent, eat till your tummy says no, laugh noisily and always cry like an infant. We are forgetting to show and share emotions because we are covered with tag called maturity.

Only your body must grow old, not your heart. The day you lose your innocence, you will lose everything. Think about the future but do not worry about it. Think about the past but do not get lost in it. There will be good days and bad. Don’t show off too much when the days are good and do not lose hope when the days are bad. Don’t only give credit to yourself when you get success and never blame others for failures. Just keep moving forward, keep spreading happiness and always remember you have been sent here for one purpose to make this world more wonderful.

Let the child under you live long, let it come out and play. The world would be depressing place if we never let out inner child out. Once in a while let go of your worries and let your inner child take charge. Play in the rain, splash water in shower, blow bubbles, be mad, annoy someone, eat on street, watch your favorite cartoon, learn from observation and much more. This will be honor to our self by losing in simple pleasures. Nobody will give you maturity certificate when you die. Live till the end.

Author: Rushika J Hathi, a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author and Life Coach


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