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Photo : Jagran Josh
Photo : Jagran Josh

In this world most children are so ambitious to explore into new things. In the same way many children have ambition of becoming doctor, engineer, dancer, fashion designer, scientists, etc. Now we have developed educational system. We have new opportunities to achieve our dream. So, after completing 12th standard we may think about our career. So some doctor, engineer they choose. As we know its not easy to win our dream, this again a tragedy in your life to overcome. For this we have competitive exams to be cracked. For doctor we have exams like AIIMs, NEET, JIMPER etc. For engineer we have JEE, VITEEE etc. In order to clear the entrance exams we have a separate coaching institutes who provide coaching for this competitive exams. Coaching institute which is best for AIIMs are Allen career institute Aakash, Brilliant tutorial, lite point etc. For NEET we have Allen, Aakash, Resonance, Career Point etc. Like these coaching institutes we have many institutes which provides  coaching  for student.  We say about coaching actually what is coaching? Coaching is about learning specific skills to improve performance or to prepare for exams. Many people think coaching is completely waste of money it is useless, students can study on their own. Some say  that they pressurise students for getting money.Some say the institute are for students success. But people don’t understand that coaching are for some students who wants to crack good score in these entrance exams. As we say we have both good and bad in the world. We also have both advantages and disadvantages about coaching. So let’s discuss about the benefits or advantages of coaching :

  1. Right guidance :

 Coaching institutes provide correct guidance for students from class 9 to 12 who needs to prepare for board exams, competitive exams, entrance exams etc. In coaching the students not only get guidance they also can know about their career and set  right goals in their life. Coaching can even make a student to score the highest mark. In school no  proper maintenance of guidance which is required by students.

2.Specialattention :

Students get special attention in coaching institutes better than school. In coaching, the coaching teachers focus on learning and development of students as they require. In school teachers have to handle 30 to 40 students per class and as well as complete the syllabus. So teachers fail to pay attention among the students.

3.New method of learning and use of technology :

Coaching institutes develop different learning techniques for different types of students which enables their understanding in subjects. They analysis each and every student and how they understand their concepts. So, when a student learns it in their own way they understand it better and can show improved results. But in school all students learn same method and learn same concepts. In coaching we can see the use of technology like showing a concept  in animation video. We can also see the coaching teachers teach everything  practically which make students understand it better.

4.The utilisation of extra time:

Students from class 9 to 12 class need to schedule their own timetable. So, they enable students to fix their daily routine and how to manage their extra time. If the students gets extra times they play, watch TV, use phone etc. They completely waste their time. So, coaching also helps the students how to manage their extra time for refreshment.

5.Students can cover specific subjects:

Students in school mostly miss some concepts while studying, when they think they can cover it, they don’t understand it. But in coaching they can cover all concepts. So when a students doesn’t understand any subject they can go for coaching on that particular subject for better understanding.

Not only coaching  centers provide coaching for students. There are some schools which provide coaching for competitive exams, schools like Sri Chaitanya techno school,Narayana school, Dav etc. So some children and parents feel coaching centers are better than school. So now let’s see about disadvantages :

1.Too much expenditure to be paid:

As the academics increases, the costs increases. Suppose when a weak student joins the coaching class they had to pay more money for the student to score more marks. Not every parent can afford extra expenses for higher coaching. Most school teachers prefer some parents to join their children in tuition. So some parents think they are good and immediately join them. Not only this many parents feel difficult to pay the monthly fees but they still think coaching can help their kids.

2.Extra writing works are burden :

Coaching institutes give students a lot of homework because they think they can score more marks. Students already get homework from school and again if they get from coaching centers they don’t get enough time for refreshment. This leads them stress where they can lack concentration and face many health issues.

3.Teaching method is different from school structure :

Coaching institutes follow a personalised study pattern for each student and schools follow a particular method. This leaves students in confused state whether to follow school or coaching learning. Due to this many children get confused during examination time and may get less marks.

4.Developing stress in students due to heavy competition among students:

Coaching institute aims to train students for scoring high marks. For board exams, admissions tests and competitive exams students are prepared along with other students and have  a competition to analyse their preparation level.

5. One coaching institute is not suitable for students from different schools :

Coaching institutes already have different study curriculum from schools and when students from different schools join the same coaching institute then the conflict in student’s  pace and understanding arise. When different students from different boards is not the same this makes difficult for the students to understand.

In earlier the educational system in India is not developed. Due to this many students was not able to score much in entrance exams because of this many committed suicide and attempt suicide. Not only the students who wrote board exams was not able to score more marks. Due to undeveloped education many children lost their future. In this time coaching class gradually developed which created confidence among student that they can crack marks easier. Coaching made student’s life better and by now there is a gradual increase in education percentage.Not only coaching helped the students to score marks there was also hard work put by student’s side. Students who are better in learning is not in need of coaching. Students who feel that they want to learn better can approach coaching institutes.

WRITER BIO : BY S. FATEENA KAWTHAR, from Chennai. She is the Winner of International Essay Competition (below 18 years) , May, 2019 organized by Monomousumi Services.


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