Top 5 Proven Tactics To Increase Your Instagram Followers


Instagram has become the most popular social media platform, where millions of users are sharing their genuine content and improve the performance of their profile. Moreover, it has been a great platform to promote businesses, and marketers are keener to use Instagram for their business. Over 80 percent of businesses have their business account on Instagram and are able to drive more organic traffic than other platforms.

Cutthroat competition has become challenging for businesses and individuals to beat the competition while increasing their Instagram followers organically. Thus, it has essential for every content creator to attract more users to your account. If you think that your online presence is not as strong as you hoped, then it’s time to learn how you can sharpen your skills and strategies for getting more organic, real followers on Instagram.

The wider your audience grows, the more chances you will have to engage with your followers and create a unique user experience for them. Since most brands try to use paid services to increase their Instagram followers, the Instagram algorithm keeps updating to weed out low quality, paid accounts and interactions.

Moreover, if you have Instagram followers who are not active, then it will have no value for your Instagram content because the audience is not engaging with your content. Without further ado, let us focus on the top tactic to improve your Instagram followers.

  1. Optimizing Your Instagram Account

Before beginning to think about how to increase your Instagram followers, you will first have to optimize your Instagram account. You can begin with a homepage that means creating a genuine bio, a proper username and profile image, and a caption on every post to let the audience know about your brand. It is usual that unless you do not have a brand name for your product, how will your audience know about your brand.

Therefore, it is essential for you to optimize your account. However, if you are uncertain where to place your Instagram link or how to market your product, it would be better to use a specific keyword according to your business niche and use relevant hashtags or campaigns to target your potential market.

It will result in the popularity of Instagram link landing pages. Moreover, it would be best if you kept a search-friendly and straightforward username so that Instagram users easily find your profile without any hassle.

  • Keep Track Of The Content Calendar

One of the most rookie mistakes every Instagram users make is to post the content at the most random and haphazard times to increase their Instagram followers. Fortunately, if you are able to gain Instagram users at the beginning, then you do not want them to forget why they have followed you in the first place.

Thus, you can easily tackle this situation by keeping track of your Instagram profile engagement period, and you will get an idea about when to post your content by having a proper posting schedule. Generally, brands do not post several times a day to avoid spamming, but whatever your posting routine, keeping it consistent will be great for your business.

Moreover, there are over 2 billion Instagram users who are logging into their Instagram account every day. With the help of Instagram global engagement, you can track the most engagement day and time where users are more active, and scheduling posting according to the calendar will surely increase your followers on the account.

  • Schedule Your Posting In Advance

Since the Instagram algorithm has been updating every day to show users with more content they like and posting your content at the right time will engage more users and increase your visibility in the users’ search results. There are many brands that are taking the initiative to increase the number of followers by scheduling their posting time.

Thus, it helps them engage appropriately with the users when Instagram users are more active, and it provides an opportunity to interact with their audience to enhance viewers’ experience. Moreover, it will help you get more followers if you build your content in advance and post it at the right time to increase viewers’ engagement. You can set your schedule using analysis tools provided by Instagram, from which you can get vital information regarding audience engagement.

  • Get Brand Advocates And Partners To Post Your Content

When it comes to increasing your Instagram follower and keeping the audience engaged with the content is the priority of every business and individuals. Once you learn about the importance of your audience, you will create content that will keep them engaged. Thus, you need to stay in front of your customers and present your business niche or unique content.

You can use the sponsors to get your content to appear on the target audience’s daily feed. Moreover, you can organize an Instagram contest to promote your brand to a broader audience. These types of campaigns will help you build trust and social proofing that you interact with your fans by investing proper time in creating genuine content.

  • Promote Your Instagram On Other Platforms

When you are using different ways to improve your followers on Instagram, it would be better to promote your website using other social networking platforms. Thus, you will cover a larger audience and make the consumer aware of your brand. However, it is the best way to promote your Instagram account and get discovered by people using different platforms.

If you want to increase your followers, it would be great to let people know where they can find you. Moreover, you can also add social media links on your official website or blogs to make people aware of your brand as well as other social media accounts. Another way to do this is to cross-promote your social media account to balance all social accounts. Therefore, it will help you increase your Instagram followers eventually.

The information mentioned above is regarding the top tactics to improve your followers on your Instagram account.


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