Best Free Apps to Increase Real Followers and Likes on Instagram in 2020


If you find yourself on this page looking for the most reliable app for increasing your followers, likes, views, etc., then congratulations, you are in the right place. This article will walk you through the free Instagram followers growth app.

It may seem like it is impossible to instantly get 1000+ followers on Instagram, but for GetInsta it is not difficult. You will find that getting 1000 free Instagram followers trial is quite easy. One day and reading this article is enough for this. This article has collected the 3 best free apps of 2020 that allow you to grow your Instagram followers daily without spending a dime.

While others spend huge amounts of money buying Instagram followers, all you have to do is wiggle your fingers and continually get followers who are real people. To grow your subscribers instantly, download the GetInsta APK for Android or purchase it from the App Store. You can apply for as many followers as you like.


Access for all Android users

Completely free and without any restrictions

100% real and active Instagram users

Followers will grow organically

Most of the supported platforms available on the web, Android, iOS and PC are supported


Follower growth is not the fastest, like 1000 followers in 5 minutes (but it really is a more organic way to get followers in the form of real Instagram users)

Steps to Boost Instagram Followers Instantly

step 1. Download GetInsta and launch it on your Android device, iPhone or PC to start getting subscribers instantly.

Step 2. Log in after creating your account.

приложениядля увеличения подписчиков в instagram-3


You will be rewarded with hundreds of coins to get 50 Instagram likes without a password right after logging into the app.

Step 3. Use your coins to get free Instagram followers (or likes depending on your needs).

приложениядля увеличения подписчиков в instagram-4

You can earn more coins by completing simple and easy tasks. Keep doing this and you will get unlimited free but 100% real Instagram followers.

Are these applications safe?

The answer is yes and no.

It’s safe if your followers are growing organically and not in a short amount of time. Security is guaranteed if your account details are reasonable. Consider what it looks like when an account gets hundreds of subscribers every day without a single post on it, or the account just gets a rise in subscribers without likes. This could compromise your account.

Does the app for getting Instagram followers work?

Some work great, others are just trial versions or don’t work at all. Choose apps wisely and try them yourself, then make an informed decision. By the way, GetInsta has a large number of real Instagram users, which makes it 100% safe.


There are undoubtedly more Instagram follower apps on the market today. Each app has its own method of getting free or paid subscribers. It is difficult to draw conclusions about which is best. In the end, everyone has their own criteria for determining the best Instagram follower growth app.

However, when choosing an application, you should pay attention to the following three points. Firstly, whether the subscribers you receive are real or fake, or they are robots, you are strongly advised not to use the installed program right away. Second, regardless of whether the process of increasing your followers is organic or not, over-pursuing rapid growth is putting your account at risk. Third, consider if you can get unlimited followers all the time. Find the option that works best for you and start growing your Instagram followers. Try GetInsta and you will see the difference.


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