A World Without Writers

By: Karthik.S

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A world without writers;
A mere mirror without reflection.
Crowds without words,
Breath without joy,
Death without meaning.
Eyes can’t see far.
Parchment will be dry without emotions.
Numbers will fail to measure;
All those which need words to treasure.
Always there will be war.
No insights on the world unknown;
No sharing of words and worlds.
Only menial life will be left.
All will be mortals, with nothing to leave.
Without paper full of words, it’s life full of death
And no one to mention about it.
Good money will be present but not good men
Ever searching for power, life will pass by.
“Life is but a dream”- for Lewis Carroll
Just would have been a dream.
Without pens, without words, we are lost.
But we don’t know that we are lost.
That’s the agony without writers!
Life will be strange without writers.
No one to guide us through life, when someone should.
With writers, ink will reflect all history.
Breath will be full of life,
Death will be full of meaning.
There is no bet that life will be joyful;
But there will be a hope of joy, A leap of faith.
The words will catch you, when leapt upon;
Help you take your nap, not just a nap;
But also blesses you with a map;
A map neither found in menial life nor in numbers.
Writers will talk to you.
Not with the magic that humans created,
But with the magic that’s already in him
When you turn the pages, the wind that blows is the writer’s breath.
Don’t crumple the pages, it will fracture him.
When you open a book, you dive into an earth
in which you were not there.
But he wrote because he knew you will be here soon.
He knew you are on your way.
With the wand which they have
all the time in their hands,
writers will resurrect life, that departed.
They can’t change death;
Why fight with death? Leave it alone.
Writers think beyond. Writers pray for heart
in the men of future.
A good heart is a necessity,
when mind becomes obesity.
Writers never lie, why should they?
When the pen glides freely on paper,
None can stop them and none will.
So, A world without writers is just a utopia
And if it’s real, then it will be full of myopia.

By: Karthik.S

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