A Practical Guide to live a great life in 2020 & beyond

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There is no exaggeration to the fact that living life to the fullest is not a cakewalk or child’s play. In this fast-paced world, life has become so complicated & people are becoming so materialistic & immoral. People are just enjoying the worldly things, they are not ready to realize that they are mere travelers here on a temporary basis. Death is inevitable. Everyone has to die one day. Now, there are some ethical values & standards defined by God as to how people have to live life & they have to pay for it on the doomsday, if not followed. Hence, it’s the need of the hour to understand & realize the importance of leading a great life. So, this write-up aims to introduce some powerful tips & tricks to lead a better life in the coming years. It does not include the typical bookish aspects rather it focuses on the practical ways to live life to the fullest because life only happens once.

If one wants to make sure that he/she starts 2020 on the right foot, then he/she needs to start planning for it now to find out what he/she needs to add more in his/her life in order to be happier, healthier & prosperous & that’s what the clear-cut goal of this paper to make one realize the positive aspects of being realistic & finding a good balance in life to live well in 2020 & beyond.

Do you want to live a fulfilling life? Do you feel like your life is not going the way you want? Feel happy with your living situation? Are you more worried about doing things right or doing the right things? Just try to answer these questions & make a self-talk.

Life-changing powerful ways to lead a better life in 2020 & beyond

1.Be religious: There is no exaggeration to the fact that Religion is above all. One must have a religious temperament & he/she should think about spiritual things a lot. Many religions of the world prompt people to be devout but they are sadly misguided. Religious people who are devoted to public worship, consistent prayer, good deeds- people who are conscious of detail in their religious practices, these kind of people may think they are doing well & pleasing God but if his/her faith is in the wrong place all of his effort & devotion count for nothing. Infact, religion is a collection of a number of virtues & good practices. Hence, according to the religion, one must practice the practices of his/her religion without fail. With this, he/she can get inner contentment & peace. Afterall, God is great.

2.Enjoy& celebrate the little things: Life is so complicated nowadays. Everyone is busy in their hectic schedule. Sometimes, one gets so busy in accomplishing his/her goals that he/she rarely get time to celebrate success & to enjoy little things in life. But, in order to celebrate his/her success, one should take time to do what makes his/her soul happy because life is meant to be lived, it’s meant to be enjoyed & appreciated. It is not supposed to be taken for granted. Enjoying the little things & celebrating success are the DO’s that can help people to have a positive outlook towards life. Just, searching happiness in little things can take people to the next level.

3.Build genuine & authentic connections: It’s always invigorating & stimulating to build new connections. One should build authentic connections with people around them- friends, family, colleagues, business partners etc. He/she should spend time to know them better & foster stronger connections. Infact, people should surround themselves with people who can push him/her higher.There is no end to the number of friends you can have. Reach out to people from the past and have a healthy, passionate & positive conversation with them.

4.Say a BIG NO to procrastination: Procrastination refers to the action or state of delaying or postponing something. It is a bad habit that get lay one off from doing something right. With a palate of procrastination hacks, one can never go wrong. Forming a DO IT NOW habit is the ultimate way to overcome procrastination.

5.Make each day your MASTERPIECE: Time flies on wings. One must manage time with full attentiveness & wisdom. Everyone gets 24 hours a day but how he/she organises his/her day that matters a lot. There is a famous saying that Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. A clearly defined set of goals makes distraction a less formidable opponent. A masterpiece day is part of a well-executed game plan.

6.Be a self-disciplined individual: Self-discipline means self control that is a sign of inner strength & control of oneself, his/her actions & reactions. There are five pillars of self-discipline that are acceptance, willpower, work, industry & persistence. Maintaining a self-discipline attitude is not easy. There are several powerful ways to master self-discipline that one can do to gain the willpower to live a happier life. It is very crucial in life to be self-disciplined & workaholic.

7.Help everyone: There is a powerful saying that “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. Everyone should believe in helping others as people rise by lifting others. People should show compassion & kindness to everyone around them. Anyone can require help at any time, so if one will help others, then only the other person will help in return otherwise not. Hence, if one is able to help the other person, then he/she must help but he/she must not suffer because of that help in terms of productivity & many more.

8.Don’t afraid of failures: Success is hitting your goals. Real success in life is achieving your goals that matter to you the most. Achieving success can be easy but maintaining it is a big deal. Life is like a roller-coaster, it has it’s ups & downs but it’s the choice of person to scream or enjoy the ride. Real success is not possible without failures. Infact, people learn from failure not from success. Accepting failure is the first chance at doing something different, at trying something new, at making progress in your goals in your life. Hence, one should accept failure as a part of the success process.

9.Follow your passion: Life is a serious reality. Due to the tough times & challenging situations, people generally lose spark that drives them & they become hopeless. Knowing the passion in life gives something to build the rest of the life around & passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges, intrigues & motivates. Being proactive & analysing passion can help one reach great heights. One can also opt his/her passion as a career so that he/she will not be bored at any cost. Moreover, he/she will enjoy the work as well.

10.Talk with God: It is the most important aspect to lift & brighten one’s life.Talking with God helps in spiritual awakening. One must have a divine conversation with God. In a prayer, he/she should share all the things with God. Generally it happens that people don’t remember God in happy times & only remember God in tough times to seek help. But, one must thank God for all the materialistic & non-materialistic privileges that he has provided. Hence, a proper prayer can help a lot.

11.Make TO-DO lists: TO-DO list is nothing but a list of tasks that need to be completed, typically organised in order of priority. One of the most important reasons for keeping a to-do list is the organization. Organizing tasks with a list can make everything much more manageable & make one feel grounded. Seeing a clear outline of completed and uncompleted tasks will help one feel organized & mentally focused. Hence, making of TO-DO list can work miracles.

12.Don’t badmouth other people: Talking bad about others is toxic & infectious. It can start with one person, then spread to many just like a flu. People must be familiar with the assertive feedback, they should not badmouth others. If they have any issue, they should have a face to face talk & should resolve the misunderstandings. It is not nice to outshine & badmouth others & it also reflects a small mind.

13.Practice goodness, morality & righteousness: Values are important because they connect one to a group of people. They help people to grow & develop. Kindness, morality, goodness, forgiveness, gratitude, integrity, patience, courage, respect etc. are the most important values to live by because men may come & men may go but the fragrance of the character of a good person remains forever.Moreover, values bring quality & meaning to life.

Life hacks for a successful life in 2020 & beyond

1.Refuse to be AVERAGE, aim to be GREAT.

2.Remain updated to stay motivated.

3.Hardwork+ Dedication+ Dreams= Success.

4.Dare to be exceptionally excellent.

5.Inculcate winner quality within yourself.

6.Positive minds: Positive vibes: Positive life.

7.Keep up the aim clear & your spirits high.

8.Become the STRONGEST to reach the HIGHEST.



11.Starve your distractions & feed your focus.

12.Stay positive & UPS will be more frequent than DOWNS.

13.Inhale COURAGE: Exhale FEAR.

14.Collect MEMORIES not THINGS.

15.Be a BETTER you, for YOU!

16.Power up your INTELLIGENCE..hit that CREATIVITY button.

17.Be PICKY with your clothes, friends & time.

18.Learn the lesson, forget the situation & move on…

19.Research the unlimited power of virtues within you.

20.Time is counted for & valued…Spend it wisely.

Don’ts to lead a fulfilling life

1.Don’t be scared to try new things in life.

2.Don’t make decisions when you are angry.

3.Never stop learning.

4.Don’t keep toxic relationships.

5.Don’t be afraid of failure.

6.Don’t disclose your personality fully to anyone.

7.Don’t be afraid to apologize.

8.Don’t spend more than you earn.

9.Don’t judge others.

10.Don’t be lazy.

11.Don’t procrastinate.

12.Don’t close your heart to kindness.

Life is not a bed of roses. In life, one has to face challenges but how he/she deals with them, that’s the main thing. Life is a one-time offer. Today, people are not living in the happy state of mind, most of the people run after money, money is everything for them, everyone is busy in their hectic schedule but little emphasis they give on how to lead a quality life. Each person’s task in life must be to become an increasingly better person. People must have a positive outlook towards life. Living a better life is all about being realistic & finding a good balance. Hence, this write-up can serve as a practical guide to live a fulfilling life in 2020 & beyond for the people who just want to prep ahead & to get organized well in advance.

In the present world of competition, there is a race of existence in which those are having will to come forward succeed. Project is like a bridge between theoretical & practical working.

Author: Azeem Uddin


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