A Know-it-all Guide to Creating a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation


Weddings have evolved significantly over the years, and so have their invitation styles. With the increasing issues of global warming and resource depletion, couples nowadays prefer going eco-friendly with their wedding traditions. They are opting for less lavish weddings, DIY décor ideas, and are going digital, wherever possible. 

A paperless wedding invitation is one such successful example of this endeavour. It is creative, easy to share, pocket-friendly, and offers many versatile options. Are you also planning for a digital wedding invite this season, but are not sure how to go about it? Fret not, here is a detailed guide to creating the ultimate WhatsApp wedding invitation.

  • Text Wedding Invites

A humble text wedding invitation can never go out of trend. It is the shortest and easiest way to invite your friends and family to a wedding. It is also an amazing way to let your family and friends know how important their presence at your wedding is.

All you need to do is create a simple and easy invitation text and forward it to your preferred WhatsApp contacts. In case you miss any details, you can add it later on and resend the invitation. Make it more interesting by adding a poem or a few lines describing your journey as a couple so far. 

  • E-Cards

First impressions together as a couple of matter a lot. This thought has driven many couples to opt for an E-card wedding invitation. There are myriads of E-Card applications on the internet today. The wedding invitation creators offer a wide range of cute, vibrant, and quirky wedding invitation themes for the fun-loving couples. 

It can be a great idea to tell your love story in a single shot. Add small details like your first date or the day you popped the question, to spice up the invite. Make sure you check out a professional website like InVideo for the best animations and effects. 

  • Scanned Copies

Sending scanned invites on WhatsApp is very easy, creative, and cost-effective. All you need to do is sit with your card designer and finalize a perfect invitation card for your wedding. You can go for a simple design or infuse artistic skills by picking up an unconventional card design from InVideo. 

Print the card, scan, and share it with your guest list. You see, this method also works when you have printed a limited number of cards only for your closed ones. The best part is, you need not cross-check if your guests have received it or not.

  • Creating a Wedding Website

Have you always wished to craft a personalized and immortal space for your wedding? If yes, going for a wedding website can prove to be a perfect idea. Wedding websites have been quite a rage lately. You can hire a professional and create a beautiful website that will exclusively flash your wedding details. Make it more useful by adding a guest corner and know who all are going to attend the ceremony.

Create a separate space for the venue, timings, directions, and contact numbers. This concept is a big hit if you are going to have a destination wedding. Last but the most important, use this platform to the fullest to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone. 

  • Video Invitation

Invitation videos are a perfect amalgamation of photos, music, and information. They are filled with fun, love, and affection. They are also a perfect way to invite your near and dear ones for the most important evening of your life. You can make it more appealing by incorporating your relatives and close friends in it. 

If you are a camera conscious person, let them speak for you and invite everyone on your behalf. Moreover, you can opt for story-telling or a simple slideshow to define your togetherness. All you need to do is, log on at a slideshow video maker, add your favourite pictures, and choose the best template for your video.

  • WhatsApp Status Feature

WhatsApp status feature is a superb platform to share your ideas, pictures, and outlook towards life. Why not use it to roll out an interesting wedding invitation to your friends and family? Select any of the above-mentioned ideas and post them on your status. 

It will also save you from the hassles of forwarding the invitation to every guest individually. You can make it more appealing by adding some interesting doodles, stickers, or texts. Interestingly, you can also use this medium to share any last-minute changes. Keep the curiosity of your guests high by posting interesting details of the wedding periodically. 

  • Chat-Based Wedding Invitation

It is hands down one of the most innovative and fun-filled wedding invitation ideas so far. A chat-based wedding invitation is a highly engaging, and interesting option for a chirpy and vivacious bride. Make sure you hire a professional who can install BOT to take over chat conversations with your guests.

We often hear that “charity begins at home”. This is the perfect occasion to start and encourage a creative and eco-friendly trend. WhatsApp invitations are convenient and classy. They add spice to the regular wedding ceremonies. So, what are you waiting for? Be an inspiration for others and digitize your wedding invites with the help of InVideo.


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