A Floating City

By: Nicola Esteves

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Have you ever travelled in a ship?

Nowadays, ship travel is hot, happening and hip.

Make sure to observe its different parts well,

So that you can describe them to all and sundry,

or even in a few words, just tell.

Its three main parts are the hull, engine room and navy bridge,

For all you know, it could even have a fridge.

The visible parts are rudder, anchor, bow, keel and mast,

You must go on a sea-voyage very fast.

In addition, there are propellers, bridges and bow thrusters,

It’s no wonder then, all movies on ships, eventually become block-busters.

The forward part of the ship is called a bow,

Besides this, there are several other interesting parts to see and show.

The deck located at the topmost height of the ship, is the monkey island,

If you stand there during a storm, you will be blown away by the wind.

The forward is at the front side and at the back is the stern.

I hope all the parts of the ship, you have now been able to learn.

At the right hand is the starboard,

Which often carries much of the load.

So friends, rather than going on a flight by air,

Do plan a voyage in a ship, without worrying about the fare.

It will definitely be an experience that is unforgettable,

And you will always remember it, even if it is much against your will!

By: Nicola Esteves

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