A Day in the Life of a Pencil


Hey there! No! Not near the teacher, no, not that blonde kid either, down here, in the spider-man pencil case! I’m Bill, and I know what you were thinking lad, “how in the world is a pencil talking?” well you see, it’s because one day my harsh owner, James, was walking home along with his bag which had my friends and I inside until, he dropped me mate! He dropped me! What a clumsy kid am I right? So anyways, a strange lady walks up to me and says “what a poor pencil, you poor creature! I shall bless you with a mouth! For your owner is very cruel!” she said as she looked at all the wood that had been bitten off by James. She then walks up to James and says “you dropped this.” before handing the pencil over and walking away. My mouth and eyes didn’t appear in a second of course, they appeared overnight. So now you know how I talk but, since I do have extra time on me right now because as you saw while were talking, the teacher went to the bathroom, why don’t I tell you all the pain that this dumb boy has caused me.

 Let me tell you how it feels like to be a pencil. Of course, many days have been horrible but, just a few days ago, I had the worst day of all my 9 years of living. It started out like any normal Wednesday, James rushed to the “study table” or- at least that’s what he calls it. Anyways, He picks me, eraser, sharpener, and pen up and throws us into his spider-man pencil case that he’s had for 9 years. Then it goes all dark for about 1 hour and a half! It’s very irritating! Next thing we see is his big, ugly face smearing at us up so close. Sure, we asked for light but, we never asked to see him! After 7 seconds of just staring at us, he picks me up and starts writing a bunch of numbers for the next hour, and occasionally he would drop me and use eraser to remove some of my beautiful art! Not only that but, he doesn’t have any art skills! His handwriting is horrible! He doesn’t know how to use me properly!

For the next hour he wrote a billion sentences! Every time he pushed me too hard on poor paper, he brought some kind of weird monster up to my face I always was and will be afraid of that sharp, red monster!  Anyways, after that horrible hour, he shoved everyone into pencil case in a hurry, and he wouldn’t open it again for about 30 minutes! It’s always been dreadful and that’s not even his worst!  After two more hours he would lock us in there for 1 hour and a half! If only James could feel my pain, even for a day. Moving on, after tat 1 hour and a half he threw me all the way across the room to some weird boy that I think is called “Asher” but why, why does he have to be so cruel to me? After tossing me around the classroom for 30 minutes they both ran to their seats and a few seconds later everyone else along with their teacher comes in. Then for two hours, he tortured me by making me smaller and smaller, like usual. After that it was back in the pencil case. The teacher is coming! Go fly away with your other bird friends now! Until next time!

By: Aysal Waheed, Grade 6 , ISC Muscat

The article is judged as the Fourth in the Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition. Aysal Waheed from Pakistan is11 years old and in the 6th grade. She loves horse riding and she is an exceptional basketball player. She uses her spare time in learning acting, public speaking and editing. She has participated in various international contests and won many of them. She can speak three languages, Urdu, English and French.


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