By Aayushi Pant

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This is not some perfectly articulated poem which makes one want to express their love to their crush, go out and make new friends, or arouse a feeling to do something extraordinary. This is just collection of small moments of life which makes one grateful to be just alive. 

The first ray of sunshine piercing through a blanket of clouds, 

A loved one’s loving good morning kiss, 

A gentle ‘Everything is fine, I am here’ touch, 

Cooking session with newly made friends,

A flock of birds flying majestically over an old building in ruins, 

The bittersweet waiting of lovers separated by time and distance,

The raindrops clogging specs during a windy night making the world a little bit more tainted,

A group of friends teasingly walking through a lane,

Listening to music and walking back home on a clear road,

A mesmerizing feeling in the heart while holding a baby,

Heartfelt warm lunch under your own roof,

Falling of the first rain drops on your face,

Planning a trip with your friends for hours and hours,

Fighting over the last slice of pizza,

Lightening of the eyes seeing a delicious meal approaching and then having the first bite of it,

A warm greeting smile from a stranger passing by, 

Christmas decorations filling the entire city, every turn and building,

Feeling a cold breeze on your naked face and letting it touch your soul,

Window shopping with your friends and imagining how life would be once we get rich,

Cycling down a mountain having the exhilarating feeling of losing control of the gear,

Gulping a cold glass of water after the sunniest day of your life,

Having a long and warm shower after a very tiring day,

Listening to loud music and dancing your pain, worry and sadness away,

Gentle touch of mama over your hair and face,

And lastly, coming back to home after a long trip and sleeping in your own bed.

What a great time it is to be alive!

By Aayushi Pant

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