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India: the country of traditions, culture, religions, cast and INEQUALITY. Irrespective of the above every street and the house of the village and city are decorated by RANGOLI. From Kashi in North to Kanyakumari in South of India; we are habituated of cleaning our houses everyday.From thousands of years, we’ve been doing it. We will continue too!

We’re aware of our customs and traditions of HOLI, DEEPAWALI where we take out all the old things and either burn or give them away.As per/ according to the culture in Andhra Pradesh, mainly in SANKRANTI or in any other occasion when someone come to ask old clothes, we give them.It’s not past, it’s present day.


We give yesterday’s food (remaining) to cows and dogs. To all the domestic animals, with fodder we give fruits and vegetables in India.(Now the animals are eating plastic/polythene).When men went outside for excretion it used to be eaten by pigs or to mix in mud/ sand/ work as manure for other trees and plantation.

Speaking about SANITY, every factory is injecting chemicals and gases both into air and land and water. We are living because we’re getting jobs in MNCS. Those MNCS which consume lot of electricity and water; works 24/7 and of course releases lot of sewage.And here the topic is SWACHH BHARAT?!Now, everything goes in sewage.

“7 innovative ways we can implement sanity in our society”

None uses public transport because everyone is not comfortable; because everyone has own transport, public transport is getting worse.Though everyone has their own transport modes the cities like Hyderabad and the governments will not widen the roads instead will opt to begin METRO which is the worst idea taken and being constructed. 

The slums have not changed nor the poverty but the PM MODI will invest 2500 crores in building SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL, AN IRON MAN STATUE. 

Again, he himself will promote SWACHH BHARAT because he didn’t invest 2500 crores in educating or making India clean and green.


The religion of India has many things which cannot be questioned. Still I’ll proceed forward towards the topic of discussion.


We live in Metropolitan cities. Here everyone is relocated. Because, these are the only cities with maximum job opportunities. Due to which the lifestyle of the cities is completely different from those of villages. 

Even the SWACHH BHARAT or say SANITY are the topics we’re speaking about is only with and due respect/regards to so called metropolitan cities only.

In Delhi, “the capital of India from last eight centuries” Mr. Kejriwal has begun few movements, trying to stop pollution (odd even). Even the SWACHH BHARAT has begun in Delhi because the PM MODI might have thought that the seven centuries old capital would be as clean as his dress.

The GANGA,  the sacred river of India is polluted because Hindus burn the dead bodies and their dresses and remains will flow throughout the river. 

It’s impossible to stop, nor we are bothered because I’m drinking “RO purified water far away from GANGA”.


I believe that discussing facts is more important that focusing on remedies. And the facts are those which doesn’t have any remedies apart from temporary plans.

Because of the ten metropolitan cities we’re facing issues only in those regions. As the above reasons I’ve mentioned, due to lot of opportunities and the MNCs culture, the urban lifestyle is stuffed with food supply, clothing, housing, eating and living habits which includes lot and lot of packaging. The railway system in India has the largest network which involves lot of packaging. 

Even the drinking water is packaging which is highly impossible remove or eradicate at this moment of development.

Knowing all the above mentioned facts, the topics for essay writing is “7 innovative ways we can implement the sanity in our society”.

Country and its citizens should focus on the possible modifications or the changes which can bring literal evolution rather than just noting on papers.

Just mentioning Do’s and Don’t’s on paper won’t change the country unless the remedies are practical and applicable.


  • Using paper bags is always helpful.
  • The changes have already been implemented with respect to the “MICRONS” of the plastic which is said to be decomposed in soil.
  • Malls and shopping stores have already implemented the changes.
  • In the name of SWACHH BHARAT, many schools have cleaned their premises on 2 October.
  • Keep doing cleanliness missions and rallies.

Author Bio : Pvpd Sri Harsha, A participant of International Essay Competition, November.


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