7 Best Ways to Use SMS Marketing

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Being the host of an evolving business unit, you may be seeking ways of promotion that could actually generate some positive responses from the audience and bring you potential customers for future. While SMS Marketing had long been one of the highly responsive the communication strategies, getting on to making it even more productive is indeed vital. Knowing explicit and excellent ways to implement salesforce SMS marketing to expand and enhance your business is therefore the major concern here.

Because of successful promotions that are delivered directly to the customers, highly receptive audience, and unmatched open rates, SMs or text marketing had been the most favorite communication strategies for marketers. This one could be a permanent fixture on every phone, messaging being a pre existing and pre installed on every device. Looking for better ways to integrate SMS marketing into your already exiting mobile marketing campaigns is worthy enough to expect notable returns.

Peeking into the highlights

Of course, if you’re here there would not be any need for a special introduction to what exactly is SMS marketing. However, taking a brisk walk to those old paths may not so any harm. Being efficient enough, SMS marketing did not fade away with the emergence of other marketing strategies and this is certainly a point in its favor.

SMS or “Short Message Service” reaching directly to the customers could be one of the most probable ways to keep initiating more visits of them towards you. These messages are read within minutes and could be efficient mediums of informing your community about the hot deals and offers you have set for them. Certainly, there could be no better ways to reach to such great audience on regular basis. Launching a campaign with this communication strategy is likely to pace up far better than any others and may prove to be handy when management is considered.

Rulebook for a successful SMS marketing campaign

Undeniably, the excellence of this marketing strategy remains intact all through these years. But then there are always a few guidelines that need to be followed. Moving along the right ones will let you make out the best out of all efforts and time invested. Here are a few to know at the basic level:

SMS Marketing Team

This isn’t going to be any DIY activity; you may require professional skills for many considerable tasks. So, make sure you have the right people to accomplish the said tasks and do not keep hitting around the bushes to bring things rightly at the desired places. You will need SMS marketing program expert, coordinators for on-location signage, design experts, retail expert, and budget analysts to keep everything on the expected track. Receive sms online usa  and work closely with absolute coordination since this is something that would be quite paced up. A complete team could create more chances of expected reap.

Know your customer

It’s quite understandable that customers may be seeking information that can actually help them in some way. To make it meaningful it is important to ensure that the right messages reach the right customers. It would therefore be suggestible to utilize a suitable Customer Relationship Management or CRM app to track purchases and other considerable demographics in order to be able to execute targeted marketing campaigns that hit the goal you decide. This way you may inform the customers about the products or services of their interest and not irritate them with unnecessary stuff.

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Clear Message Composition

Since you have only 160 characters to say it all, make sure that you keep it easily understandable (with plain English), clear and concise. Avoid using all caps, abbreviations and emoticons. Also, open-end messages may not work up to what you really want them to. For instance consider an offer for which you mentioned no dates. The customer may stay confused with the validity of the offer. Rather mentioning the dates may result in faster response from them. Make sure to set the message in a way that creates a sense of urgency.

Call to Action Buttons

In order to bring something to execution, it is important to avail opportunities for the same. Including appropriate call-to-action buttons in your messages may bring up better outcomes getting customers to your sales funnel. Assume the audience to be lazy and keep your call to action clean, clear and clever enough to get a response. Let those calls-to-action to increase the engagement of customers with the platform or the business.

The Right Timing

SMS are about immediacy; therefore, using them as last minute impulses may prove to be the best. Sending out messages on the right timing would certainly trigger the ecstasy of the receiver and get your shoot on point. For instance, if you’re promoting an event for Friday night, consider texting at the end of work day or Friday afternoon. However, make sure that you do not send away these texts way to early or too late. Analyze the responses to your past texts and reach out to the most preferable timing to send your messages. This will provide a greater level of perfection to your campaign, discover more here.

Promote Opt-in across all media

Whenever you get to connect with your customers, promote and ask them to come-up for the opt-in at every point. Introduce the mobile number field on your facebook page and also add on a sign-in to let them join your SMS campaign. Consider making it one of the major features on your website and newsletters. Also, at the point of sale always ask if customers will like to opt-in for the SMS updates. This would certainly help in increasing the number of customers connected to the business via salesforce SMS marketing.

Invest on the best clients

You don’t have enough time to keep hitting around the bushes, entertaining the entire crowd that claims to be your community. Among other smart strategies, consider one to identify the customers who frequently respond to your texts. You may target them for several in-depth surveys and polls. Also, you may focus on sending them information about stuff they had been interested in. Use special offers and deals to reward them.


While you’re seeking for better alternatives of direct marketing, the already existing salesforce SMS marketing strategies may prove to be effective more than any others. With the above-mentioned guidelines you may look forward to improving your marketing campaigns.

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