15 YouTube Video Ideas: the Ultimate Guide to Get Inspired

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Being a Youtube content creator may seem like a walk in the park, but in reality, it feels quite hard to continually churn out content. Staying successful in keeping your audience’s attention requires hard work. It can be challenging to keep them engaged with fun videos. Fortunately, a video maker serves as an ally, allowing you to edit your videos online no matter where you are. 

This tool helps you create high-quality content for your channel. One of the fears of content creators includes running out of ideas. If you’re a Youtube newbie or have already grown a following, here are the top 15 ideas that keep your inspiration flowing. Don’t let those creative juices run dry and give these tried and tested ones a try.  

  1. Review a Trending Product

The nice thing about products is there’s always a ton of them in the market. New stuff will always get released so piggyback on those trends. Never skip out on reviewing a trending item related to your niche. Make them informative, enticing, and entertaining for your viewers. You can use your video maker to add the following: 

  • Fonts
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Effects
  • Music
  • Voice-over 
  • Filters

Make your video look stunning but don’t forget to keep your reviews honest and open. That’s the only way you can offer value for your subscribers. Create a recurring series of product reviews so they’ll have something to look forward to.  

  1. Interview an Interesting Personality

Your Youtube channel is not merely about you. If you want high traffic and visibility, look for opportunities to interview other influencers. Even local community members making guest appearances will do a lot to boost your channel. Moreover, this provides fresh content and draws your guests’ followers into your channel. Thus, you must utilise this technique to expand your audience base. 


  1. Dish Out Your Opinion

Another great way to capitalise on a trending topic is by giving your opinion. Crank up your camera and video maker to get that much-needed exposure. When there’s a hot debate in your niche, give your ideas and unfettered views. Weigh in on what’s going on and ask people to give their comments, too, for better engagement rates. 

  1. Reply to Someone’s Opinion

If there’s really a hot topic in your niche, you can create a video as a reply to another Youtuber’s opinion. Perhaps, you have something to add to it. If you do disagree with some of the comments, do so in a respectful manner so as not to alienate anyone. Exercise your freedom of expression and share your views in a video. 

5. Make Tutorials

Are you an expert in something? Create tutorials with your video maker. Apart from saying steps, reinforce your tips with words. Use a contrasting font colour from your background to make it look appealing. Here are various ideas for these how-tos:

  • Makeup look
  • Craft projects
  • Using a new tool
  1. Conduct a Q&A Sesh

Invite viewers to ask questions in your comment section. Alternatively, you can make the same call for questions on your other social media platforms. Then, do an AMA segment or ask me about any compilation which is always fun. Your followers stay engaged because they asked the questions. Moreover, they learn more about you. 

  1. Do a Book Review

Books always make great content because books have their own followers. Use your video maker to show snippets of the book to keep things interesting. Start by selecting a book you love, dislike, or anything that you’ve read recently. Then tell your audience what you think about the material. 

  1. Review a Movie

Reviewing movies attracts people and helps in building your audience. Just make it a point to select a trending movie. Then keep things exciting by adding the following with your video maker: 

  • Effects
  • Sound bytes
  • Wordings
  • Animations
  1. Create a Parody

Capitalise on famous movies, MTVs, shows, and other Youtube videos to keep your followers entertained. Parody videos add a big dose of humour to your channel. Best of all, people are already familiar with the original content so there’s a higher likelihood of them sticking till the end to see how you give it a unique spin. 

  1. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Everyone loves getting a freebie. If you want to drum up attention and engage your existing subscribers, make them an offer they cannot refuse. Utilise your video maker to host a contest or create a giveaway even. Make sure your rewards are enticing so that the people will stay glued to your channel. 



  1. Join a Challenge

People love joining challenges online. That’s why many challenges have gone viral. Therefore, you must follow this path and take Youtube by storm. Participate in many trending challenges like the following:

  • Tin can challenge
  • Ice bucket challenge
  • Chubby bunny challenge
  • Exploding watermelon challenge
  • Bean boozled challenge
  1. Give a Studio Tour

Improve the visibility of your channel by giving them a studio tour. This allows your followers to learn more about you and how you live your daily life. Show them what makes you unique and give them a glimpse of the space where you turn your content ideas into life.  

  1. Show Various Collections

If you collect stuff, now is the time to show them off to attract fellow collectors. This can keep your existing subscribers engaged while attracting new people to your channel. Use your video maker to show off what you’ve got. It could be any of the following: 

  • Baseball cards
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Comic books
  • Vinyl records
  • Stuffed toys
  • Books
  1. A Glimpse of Your Bag

People are naturally curious. Thus, you must satisfy this aspect by giving them a peek at what’s in your bag. This provides your followers a chance to learn more about your personality. After all, they say you can learn a lot from someone based on what they carry around in their bag all day. Not surprising because it shows off your priorities and essentials.

  1. Conduct a 30-Day Challenge

Finally, commit to a 30-day challenge where you try to stick to something for 30 days. Unlike a one-time trend, this shows your trials and successes in attempting to stick to something. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. So do you dare? This is an excellent opportunity to create recurring content as the challenge goes on.  

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