WORDS – The Invention that changed the World

Gargi S. Miskin

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What is the secret of the development journey from man state to modern man, do you know that most people answer that man’s development monthly compared to other beings is at the core of this whole progress and culture, this answer is incomplete. It is because of the progress of man that language is the root of all the progress in the search of language in the brain, because of the development of all the knowledge branches of the world, language means the systematic order combination of meaningful words.

This world of words is very bizarre, our attention never goes to the power of words. The word only connects humans with attention, the word only connects humans with humans and words only break humans from humans. The sign is inanimate. It gives life to human beings. It makes them come alive. When words become life, then the different nature of human beings start coming into them. 

Just as some people make others laugh, in the same way, some words make people laugh, just as some human beings always hurt others, in the same way the mere words of some words make the person in front of them spend many times listening to such words He starts crying a lot, some people are very dear, in the same way some words are also very dear, they have the desire to hum again and again. 

One and some words are deceitful, they themselves are meaningless, on the other hand some words are very gentle and cultured, some words make inactive that do not do anything that is in luck, it will not be found, or you will not get it. Newton has said that the success of any work requires 90% diligence, 5% intelligence and 5% cooperation. 

But remember that 90% of the hard work is required to complete any work, it makes us inactive. We should exclude them from our life behavior. Which language do the words of languages befriend and become one of them? 

Just like some of your friends are such that you can get mixed up with all this, there are some such words that they are not able to befriend others, the words have the same nature on which the words of the English language poet went to the languages of the region where they went. Gets mixed up like where do the radio stations of the bus rail go that the Tamil language words are limited only to their family to family, they do not want to merge with anyone, though Hindi is friendly but not all words make their independent existence till the end.

Seeing in its original form, go to other places, some words are added to other languages in such a way that their independent form ends, some words are also found in Hindi which are made from a combination of words of 2 different languages. Words are made of Hindi such as – Anniversary from Hindi-Sanskrit, demand letter; Hindi-Arabic / Persian Settled, book house; English- Sanskrit to Rail Yatri, Radio wave; Arabic / Persian- English to insurance policy etc. 

The world of Hindi words has been enriched by 3 words. The cod words are so dear to their mother that they are very cool except for mother’s mother tongue and not only some words. In this way, our language gets enriched by going out and the words of many other languages, specialty country words for which we do not have words, thousands of such words have come from English Portuguese Arabic Persian, let them come. 

Such as corrupt rail pencil radio car scooter stations etc. But the words for which we have words should not be used in other languages. We have beautiful words for mother, father for father like Mai Amma Baba’s Anna Dada Bapu Mummy Daddy To say is to offend the beautiful words of your language. 

The words pronounced from our mouths reflect our character intelligence, respect and rites, so we should think before uttering the words. Speaking and writing at least words meaningfully is an art. This art can be practiced diligently with the word of various books. The pronunciation of the wrong word can cause a rift in the friendship of years, now what kind of words should be used in front of this time, which can be learned only through experience, guidance and rituals. 

Beautiful, suitable and meaningful words when making a sentence and when they are used in exams we form an impression on the supervisor and we get excellent grades. Using bad words is always harmful.Everyone has their own word wealth. To increase this word wealth, literature is needed to read. To know the different meanings of words, a dictionary is also needed. If you read one page of the dictionary with concentration everyday, then the power of word wealth If you know about it, do it now that you want to increase your word wealth, for this, increase reading culture, start reading, you too will become the owner of word wealth. 

Robin Williams, has written a great thought expressing his feelings. People are just who want to distract you from your goal, but your words and ideas can change the world..

By Gargi S. Miskin


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